Dr. Ferdinand Esser, MBA
Scientific Coordinator of Early Career Researchers (Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs) of the ICBM


This event is funded by UGO .

6. ICBM Postgraduate Symposium 2023

6. ICBM Postgraduate Symposium 2023

6. ICBM Postgraduate Symposium 2023

The sixth ICBM Postgraduate Symposium will be held on April 4, 2023 at the Wechloy campus. All ICBM PhD students will come together to present their current work and the ongoing research of their research groups. In addition to various talks, the program will also include a poster session and discussion panels on relevant topics.


09:00 Registration, coffee-time
09:30 Welcome address
09:40 Scientific talks I: DynaDeep

Scientiftic talks II: Modelling and Sensing

11:25 Poster Session
12:00 Group picture, Lunch break
13:00 Scientific talks III: Marine Ecology

Breakout Sessions:

  • Balance your Mental Health during the PhD
  • Application for a PostDoc position
  • Surprising power of peer-coaching: collective solutions for your problem
  • How to peer-review for scientific journals
  • PhD Roadmap for 1st-year PhDs
14:30 Wrap-up of Breakout groups

Keynote speaker: Ulrike Prange, Science Communication (MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Science)

Ulrike Prange is responsible for science communication at the marum. In this way, she makes marine research accessible and understandable to everyone. She also places special emphasis on training young researchers and helping them to start their own path in science communication.

15:45 Coffee break

Keynote speaker: Stuart Pimm, Professor of Conservation Ecology (DUKE University)

Stuart Pimm is a world leader in the study of present-day extinctions and what can be done to prevent them. His research covers the reasons why species become extinct, how fast they do so, the global patterns of habitat loss and species extinction and, importantly, the management consequences of this research.

16:45 Scientific talks IV: Marine Geochemistry
17:25 Interdisciplinary Discussion and Exchange: Your Research in a bigger-picture
18:00 Final remarks: Dr. Ferdinand Esser
18:15 Dinner and networking


The 6th ICBM Postgraduate Symposium is organised by the ICBM PhD organising committee:

Mika Sutorius

Max-Planck-research group for Marine Isotope Geochemistry, Prof. Dr. Katharina Pahnke

Charlotte Kunze

Plankton Ecology, Prof. Dr. Helmut Hillebrand (ICBM at WHV)

Navya Prakash

Marine Sensor Systems, Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski (ICBM at WHV)

Dr. Ferdinand Esser

Scientific Coordinator of Early Career Researchers of the ICBM

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