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Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment

Marine Pathogens in Climate Change

Rising water temperatures bear an increasing risk for pathogenic germs in marine environments. The German-French project ENVICOPAS, headed by Gunnar Gerdts (Alfred-Wegener-Institut – Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Heligoland site), investigates the impact of climate change on pathogenic marine microorganisms. Also involved is ICBM professor Dr. Ulrike Feudel, as well as further members of her research group Theoretical Physics/Complex Systems. They are working on prediction models for pathogens in marine water.More

Real time data Spiekeroog

Last probe 18.10.2018 13:10
Air temperature14.4° C
Air pressure1024 hPa
Water temperature15.2° C
Wind speed7.1m/s
Wind directionN 338.1°



  • 24.10.2018 17:00:00: Kolloqium: The evolution and revolution of fatty acid synthesis: How aquaculture will fe ...
    Dr. David Murray (Centre of Ecology, Evolution and Conservation, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
  • 30.10.2018 16:00:00: Kolloqium: Photodegradation products of beta-carotene as possible components of deep sea ...
    Jennifer Hoppe (Marine Geochemistry)
  • 01.11.2018 16:00:00: Kolloqium: "Facilitation and feedbacks in seagrass communities: testing the role and con ...
    Lukas Meysick (Åbo Akademi University Turku, Finland)
  • 07.11.2018 17:00:00: Kolloqium: Functional resilience in tropical marine communities
    Dr. Sebastian Ferse (Leibniz Zentrum für Marine Tropenforschung (ZMT), Bremen)
  • 08.11.2018 16:00:00: Kolloqium: TBA (or 15.11)
    Usman Mirza (Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands)
  • 13.11.2018 16:00:00: Kolloqium: Analysis of organic acids in the exometabolome of a denitrifying bacterium
    Simone Heyen (Organic Geochemistry)
  • 15.11.2018 16:00:00: Kolloqium: TBA (or 08.11)
    Usman Mirza (Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands)
  • 21.11.2018 17:00:00: Kolloqium: Hydrothermal systems at shallow volcanic arcs and their role for the fluxes ...
    Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky-Fritsche (Department of Physics and Earth Sciences, Jacobs University, Bremen)
  • 27.11.2018 16:00:00: Kolloqium: TBA
    Christopher Dibke (Organic Geochemistry), Melina Knoke (Marine Geochemistry)
  • 05.12.2018 17:00:00: Kolloqium: Predation and defense in a microbial world
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Kiørboe (National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark)
  • 11.12.2018 16:00:00: Kolloqium: Non-conservative behavior of molybdenum and thallium induced by a phytoplankt ...
    Corinna Mori (Microbiogeochemistry)
  • 19.12.2018 17:00:00: Kolloqium: Transparent exopolymer particles in the global ocean: Carbon export and gen ...
    Dr. Isabel Reche (University of Granada, Granada, Spain)
  • 20.12.2018 16:00:00: Kolloqium: TBA
    Martin Rasmussen (Imperial College London, UK)
  • 08.01.2019 16:00:00: Kolloqium: Insights into rare earth element sources, input, and zonal transport in the t ...
    Melanie Behrens (Marine Isotope Geochemistry)
  • 16.01.2019 17:00:00: Kolloqium: The melting of Greenland Ice Sheet and its impact on coastal ecosystems
    Dr. Lorenz Meire (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Yserke, The Netherlands)
  • 22.01.2019 16:00:00: Kolloqium: Iron cycling in the Benguela upwelling system
    Maurits Halbach (Organic Geochemistry), Philipp Böning (Marine Isotope Geochemistry)
  • 30.01.2019 17:00:00: Kolloqium: Microplastics in reservoirs - colonization and biogeochemical processes
    PD Dr. Katrin Wendt-Potthoff (Department Lake Research Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Magdeburg )

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