Cycling of Matter

Cycling of Matter

Cycling of matter and composition of the bacterioplankton community in the Southern Ocean (DFG).

This project is part of an interdisciplinary study, associated to JGOFS, on the understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes in the Polar Frontal Region between 10 and 20 °E. It is based on two cruises with RV "Polarstern" (December '95/January '96 and March-May '99). Our part studies spatio-temporal dynamics of the biomass production, turnover of dissolved amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates, and of the community structure of the heterotrophic picoplankton. Other aspects include examining relationships between the sinking flux and picoplankton consumption of organic matter in the mesopelagic zone, the adaptation of the picoplankton community to temperature, the role of phage infection in controlling heterotrophic picoplankton growth, and the role of UV-irradiation in controlling picoplankton growth and decomposing DOM.  

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