Facets of Research at ICBM

EcoMol seminars & lectures

Multidisciplinary EcoMol Seminar

This obligatory EcoMol seminar is held every month. PhD students introduce the audience (doctoral candidates, PIs and associate members) to the research questions and topics of their PhD projects and report their recent findings. Two doctoral candidates are organising the seminar and introduce the speakers (e.g. other doctoral students) and lead the discussion.

The composition of the audience will force the presenting PhD students to communicate their methods, data and ideas in a generally understandable way.

All EcoMol members are welcome to an informal meeting after the seminar.

EcoMol Scientific Lectures

PhD Research Training Group

PhD Research Training Group aims to provide for all PhD students obligatory lectures to broaden their scientific knowledge. Because of the interdisciplinary projects, EcoMol lectures shall give a deeper insight into the research fields of all working groups. They contains topics for example organic chemistry, molecular diversity of dissolved organic matter, the measurement of optical fingerprints of DOM, bacteria and viruses in sediments, temporal and spatial scaling in ecology or biofilm like properties of the ocean surface.

The following EcoMol lectures had been offered by the PhD Research Training Group for the summer and winter term 2017/18.

(Changed: 2021-04-30)