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Scientific Diving at the ICBM

Scientific diving operations of German scientific institutions must be carried out according the German "Health and Safety at Work Act" and the "German Rule for Safety at Work GUV-R 2112 / Operation of Scientific Divers". High safety-standards include that only certified Scientific Divers are allowed to conduct scientific under water work.

In Germany, seven certified education centers for scientific diving exist. With the ICBM as only center in Lower Saxony, other centers are located at the Universities of Rostock, Kiel and Munich, as well as at the AWI on Helgoland and the at the ZMT in Bremen.


Under water work can be conducted by scientists with a wide range of expertise. Specialists can attend to a diverse range of research topics locally, including:

  • Set up and maintenance of scientific equipment and experiments
  • Surveying and mapping
  • Collection of organisms, or water- and sediment samples

The qualification "Certified Research Diver / Geprüfter Forschungstaucher" can be obtained within an interdisciplinary teaching program (physics, biology, medicine, law) and represents a valuable addition to aquatic environmental research qualifications.

The ICBM is a certified education center since 1999 and has so far successfully trained 192 students and scientist as certified research divers. Qualified and personal supervision, as well as modern equipment ensure high training standards for 12 participants each year. Additionally, the diving group is working in several research projects and excursions.

While the diving group is embedded in the group ‘Environmental Biochemistry’ at the ICBM-Wilhelmshaven, the education activities are located at the University in Oldenburg.


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