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Dr. Aleksandra Lewandowska

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Universität Oldenburg, ICBM,

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Universität Oldenburg, ICBM,
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Current projects

    Within MarBAS we integrate modern and paleontological data on planktonic foraminifera and compare the rate of extinctions recently and in the past. We aim to predict future biodiversity change and its potential consequences for the functional stability of marine ecosystems.
    Within the sMarD synthesis group we evaluate global trends in diversity of marine plankton and related changes in oceanic primary and secondary production. We aim to advance our understanding of global changes in the base of the marine food chain and their consequences for marine ecosystem functioning and services.
    BEN brings together researchers interested in marine biodiversity in order to run standardized experiments with marine plankton in sites located all over the world. The goal of this project is exploring alterations of plankton diversity in response to climate change and their consequences for functioning of marine ecosystems in two different dimensions: species-level and food-web level. We apply nonrandom biodiversity manipulations to study realistic species loss scenarios. 

Research interests

  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Food web dynamics
  • Global change impacts on marine plankton

List of publications

  • AM Lewandowska, A Biermann, ET Borer, MA Cebrián-Piqueras, ... (2016)
    The influence of balanced and imbalanced resource supply on biodiversity–functioning relationship across ecosystems
    Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 371 (1694), 20150283
  • S Sistla, A Appling, A Lewandowska, B Taylor, A Wolf (2015)
    Stoichiometric Flexibility in Response to Fertilization along Gradients of Environmental and Organismal Nutrient Richness
    Oikos 124 (7), 949–959
  • AM Lewandowska, M Striebel, U Feudel, H Hillebrand, U Sommer (2015)
    The importance of phytoplankton trait variability in spring bloom formation
    ICES Journal of Marine Science 72 (6), 1908-1915
  • A Biermann, AM Lewandowska, A Engel, U Riebesell (2015)
    Organic matter partitioning and stoichiometry in response to rising water temperature and copepod grazing
    Marine Ecology Progress Series 522, 49-65
  • N Aberle, AM Malzahn, AM Lewandowska, U Sommer (2015)
    Some like it hot: the protozooplankton–copepod link in a warming ocean
    Marine Ecology Progress Series 519, 103-113
  • H Hillebrand, JM Cowles, A Lewandowska, DB Van de Waal, C Plum (2014)
    Think ratio! A stoichiometric view on biodiversity–ecosystem functioning research
    Basic and Applied Ecology 15 (6), 465-474
  • AM Lewandowska, DG Boyce, M Hofmann, B Matthiessen, U Sommer, ... (2014)
    Effects of sea surface warming on marine plankton
    Ecology letters 17 (5), 614-623
  • SL Eggers, AM Lewandowska, J Barcelos e Ramos, S Blanco‐Ameijeiras, ... (2014)
    Community composition has greater impact on the functioning of marine phytoplankton communities than ocean acidification
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  • J Wohlers-Zöllner, A Biermann, A Engel, P Dörge, AM Lewandowska, ... (2012)
    Effects of rising temperature on pelagic biogeochemistry in mesocosm systems: a comparative analysis of the AQUASHIFT Kiel experiments
    Marine biology 159 (11), 2503-2518
  • N Aberle, B Bauer, A Lewandowska, U Gaedke, U Sommer (2012)
    Warming induces shifts in microzooplankton phenology and reduces time-lags between phytoplankton and protozoan production
    Marine Biology 159 (11), 2441-2453
  • U Sommer, N Aberle, K Lengfellner, A Lewandowska (2012)
    The Baltic Sea spring phytoplankton bloom in a changing climate: an experimental approach
    Marine biology 159 (11), 2479-2490
  • M Winder, SA Berger, A Lewandowska, N Aberle, K Lengfellner, ... (2012)
    Spring phenological responses of marine and freshwater plankton to changing temperature and light conditions
    Marine Biology 159 (11), 2491-2501
  • AM Lewandowska, P Breithaupt, H Hillebrand, HG Hoppe, K Jürgens, ... (2012)
    Responses of primary productivity to increased temperature and phytoplankton diversity
    Journal of sea research 72, 87-93
  • U Sommer, K Lengfellner, A Lewandowska (2012)
    Experimental induction of a coastal spring bloom early in the year by intermittent high-light episodes
    Marine Ecology Progress Series 446, 61-71
  • AM Lewandowska (2011)
    Effects of warming on the phytoplankton succession and trophic interactions
  • U Sommer, A Lewandowska (2011)
    Climate change and the phytoplankton spring bloom: warming and overwintering zooplankton have similar effects on phytoplankton
    Global Change Biology 17 (1), 154-162
  • AM Lewandowska, U Sommer (2010)
    Climate change and the spring bloom: a mesocosm study on the influence of light and temperature on phytoplankton and mesozooplankton
    Marine Ecology Progress Series 405, 101-111
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