Field Equipment

Field Equipment

Our lab routinely performes sampling at field sites e.g. in the North and Wadden Sea, such as Janssand tidal flat or Spiekeroog beach. These environment require specific equipment to facilitate research campaigns, which are available and frequently used in our group. A suite of sturdy stainless steel push-point samplers for pore water collection have been developed which can be deployed at different sediment depths (< 2 m), and be quickly retrieved. They are equipped with 50 µm mesh nets to minimize sediment entrainment. Also, sampling under exclusion of oxygen is possible, by using a tightly sealed pumping system and inline filters. Seepage meters for the collection of submarine groundwater discharge were designed to be trace-metal free.

Our instrumentation also includes a field fluorometer (Aquafluor, Turner instruments), a GPS (Garmin Colorado 400c), and a water-proof camera.

List of people involved:

Roger Carvalho
Matthias Friebe
Michael Seidel
Heike Simon
Hannelore Waska

Key publications:

H. Waska, J. Greskowiak, J. Ahrens, M. Beck, S. Ahmerkamp, P. Böning, H.-J. Brumsack, J. Degenhardt, C. Ehlert, B. Engelen, N. Grünenbaum, M. Holtappels, K. Pahnke, H. K. Marchant, G. Massmann, D. Meier, B. Schnetger, K. Schwalfenberg, H. Simon, V. Vandieken, O. Zielinski, T. Dittmar (2019). Spatial and temporal patterns of pore water chemistry in the inter-tidal zone of a high energy beach. Front. Mar. Sci. 6: 154

A. Linkhorst, T. Dittmar, H. Waska (2017) Molecular fractionation of dissolved organic matter in a shallow subterranean estuary: The role of the iron curtain. Environ. Sci. Technol. 51 (3), 1312-1320.

M. Seidel, M. Beck, J. Greskowiak, T. Riedel, H. Waska, I. G. N. Suryaputra, B. Schnetger, J. Niggemann, M. Simon, and T. Dittmar (2015) Benthic-pelagic coupling of nutrients and dissolved organic matter composition in an intertidal sandy beach. Mar. Chem. 176: 150-163.


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