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Research Interests

Main Research Interests

I am an early career marine microbial ecologist, with expertise in traditional microbiology, marine ecology and microbial oceanography. I focus on pelagic bacteria, but have broadened my knowledge in marine ecology with interest for global challenges for the world’s ocean and local initiatives in coastal areas of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Many of my studies encompass large datasets of 'omics data or time series efforts, analyzed with traditional and state-of-the-art methods. Multi-disciplinary science matters for a holistic understanding of the marine ecosystem in a changing world and I collaborate with chemists, modelers and ecologists to bridge disciplines.

My overarching research interest pertains to disentangle functional microbial dynamics in the changing ocean. It is crucial that we comprehend the regulation of global nutrient cycles in a manner relevant to interpret ecosystem functions and services in the changing ocean. Therefore, we need to understand bacterial community dynamics, for example the functional responses of key bacterial taxa to environmental drivers at different spatiotemporal scales. I study how marine bacteria are influenced by environmental drivers and how they change over short time scales or seasonally. In relation to the EcoMol project, my research aims to understand how microbial biodiversity affects metabolomic substrate turnover and to disentangle complex bacterial interactions.


Carbon turnover of bacterial communities in the ocean: coopration with Prof. Dr. Sinikka Lennartz, HIFMB/Universität Oldenburg - funded by Add-on fellowship for Interdisciplinary Life Sciences of the Joachim-Herz-Foundation

EcoMol - The Ecology of Molecules: Link:

Linnaeus Microbial Observatory (LMO) - disentangling seasonal plankton dynamics: Link:

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