Publications Dr. Hannelore Waska

A. Linkhorst, T. Dittmar, H. Waska (2017) Molecular fractionation of dissolved organic matter in a shallow subterranean estuary: The role of the iron curtain. Environ. Sci. Technol. 51 (3), 1312-1320.

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H. Waska, A. Koschinsky, M. J. R. Chancho, and T. Dittmar (2015) Investigating the potential of solid-phase extraction and Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FT-ICR-MS) for the isolation and identification of dissolved metal-organic complexes from natural waters. Mar. Chem. 173: 78-92.

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H. Waska, S. Kim, G. Kim, M.R. Kang, and G.B. Kim (2008). Distribution patterns of chalogens (S, Se, Te, 210Po) in various tissues of a squid, Todarodes pacificus. Sci Total Environ, 392: 218-224.

Posters & Presentations

H. Waska, M. Beck, H. Brumsack, A. Koschinsky, M. J. Ruiz Chancho, M. Seidel, H. Simon, T. Dittmar (2013). Dissolved iron and copper speciation in a subterranean estuary in the German Wadden Sea: The influence of dissolved organic matter (DOM). ASLO 2013 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, New Orleans, U. S. A. (Oral presentation).

H. Waska, A. Koschinsky, H. J. Brumsack, M. J. Ruiz-Chancho, T. Dittmar (2012). A novel molecular approach for the identification if dissolved metal-organic complexes in natural waters.  TOS/ASLO/AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, U.S.A. (Oral presentation).

H. Waska, M. Seidel, T. Dittmar, G. Kim (2011). Pathways of dissolved organic matter in the subterranean estuary: Evaluation of organic geochemical tracers. Goldschmidt 2011, Prague, Czech Republic (Poster).

H. Waska (2011). Submarine groundwater discharge: Impacts on intertidal nutrient budgets and benthic communities. International Symposium on the Sustainability and Productivity of Coastal Resources, Nagasaki, Japan. (Oral presentation).

H. Waska (2010). Seasonal Patterns in Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD), Groundwater Biochemistry, and Associated Nutrient Fluxes in a Large Intertidal Environment at the Western Coast of Korea. Workshop “Radium and Radon Isotopes as Environmental tracers”, Jerusalem, Israel. (Oral Presentation).

H. Waska, G. Kim (2009). SGD Dynamics in a Shallow, Semi-Enclosed, Meso-Tidal Bay Measured by Ra and Rn Tracers, ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2009, Nice, France. (Poster).

H. Waska, G. Kim (2008). Is Microphytobenthos Biomass Influenced by Groundwater? A preliminary study, AOGS 2008, Busan, Korea. (Oral presentation).

H. Waska, G. Kim (2007). Measurement of 226Ra using a RaDeCC and its application for tracing submarine groundwater discharge, Goldschmidt 2007, Germany. (Oral presentation).

H. Waska, G. Kim (2007). Distribution patterns of chalcogens (S, Se, Te and 210Po) in various tissues of the pacific flying squid, Todarodes pacificus, Annual Meeting of the Korean Society for Oceanography, Gunsan, Korea. (Oral presentation).



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