Publications Dr. Maren Zark (née Stumm)


Zark M, Christoffers J, Dittmar T (2017) "Molecular properties of deep-sea dissolved organic matter are predictable by the central limit theorem: Evidence from tandem FT-ICR-MS". Marine Chemistry 191, 9-15.

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Posters and Talks

Zark M, Christoffers J, Dittmar T, "Molecular diversification leads to universal molecular properties in a major fraction of dissolved organic matter", ASLO, Honolulu, USA, Feb 26 - Mar 3 2017 (Talk).

Bergen B, Endres S, Engel A, Zark M, Dittmar T, Sommer U, Jürgens K, "Effect of acidification and warming on planktonic bacterial communities during two seasonal phytoplankton bloom mesocosms". SAME14, Uppsala, Sweden, August 2015 (Poster).

Zark M, Riebesell U, Dittmar T, "Effects of ocean acidification on formation and turnover of DOM in a Swedish Fjord". Granada, Spain, February 2015 (Vortrag).

Stumm M, Christoffers J, and Dittmar T, "First steps towards structure determination of marine dissolved organic matter (DOM)". YOUMARES 3 conference, Lübeck, Germany, September 2012 (Vortrag).

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