Research Interests

Research Interests Dr. Michael Seidel

I study the biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter in marine and terrestrial systems under different settings and in different biomes:

·         Microbe-environment interactions using laboratory microcosms,

·         Coastal oceans, including intertidal sediments and salt marshes,

·         Marine-terrestrial boundaries, such as the river-to-ocean continuum of the Amazon and
          subterranean estuaries,

·         Sources and sinks of deep ocean refractory carbon, and

·         Biodegradation of oil from anthropogenic and natural sources.


Frontiers Research Topic "Integrative Research on Organic Matter Cycling Across Aquatic Gradients"  

ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting Feb 26 – Mar 3, 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii Session 013 "Integrative Research on Organic Matter Cycling Across Aquatic Gradients"

"fields" magazine from National High Magnetic Field Lab: "DOM’s Amazonian journey" and "Coastal areas store DOM"

idw - Informationsdienst Wissenschaft: "Neue Erkenntnisse zum Schadstoffabbau nach Ölkatastrophen"

ECOGIG Gulf Ecosystem Research: "Study identifies molecular fingerprints for tracking oil and dispersant fate"

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