Research Interests

Main Research Interests Ronja Paffrath

Research Project

The main focus of my research are Nd isotopes, Sr isotopes, and rare earth element distributions in the Arctic Ocean. Seawater and suspended particles will be collected during the R/V Polarstern cruise ARK-XXIX/3 and I will analyse the Nd isotope composition (143Nd/144Nd) and rare earth element concentrations in seawater and particles as well as the Sr isotope composition (87Sr/86Sr) of particles. The aim of the study is to get a better understanding of the behavior and budgets of trace elements and isotopes under the unique conditions in the Arctic Ocean with its extended shelf areas, high river discharge yet low particle fluxes, and seasonal sea ice cover. This could help to enhance the understanding of biogeochemical processes in the Arctic Ocean as well as the ocean in general.

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