Lutz ter Hell


Lutz ter Hell


Technician - in the workshop of the ICBM in Wilhelmshaven

Main Tasks

Repair, overhaul and maintenance of technical and scientific equipment and devices, CAD/CAM - 3D construction/development, manufacturing (machine, milling, welding, sheet metal construction)


  • Cutting machine operator specialized in turning and milling technology
  • Gas and water installer, plumber
  • Welder training WIG, MIG/MAG, E-Hand

Further Training

  • CNC - Programming SIEMENS / Heidenhain, DIN
  • Welding School - SLV Rostock  Master craftsman training - WIG ST und WIG NE
  • Welding School - SLV Wilhelmshaven Training for International Welding Specialist
  • DVS® Certified Welding Trainer
  • Training of trainers (ADA)


Planktron room (Maren), catamaran old and new, outdoor basin, mesocosms, sampler (Oliver), OFFIS Oldenburg radar station


Everything that has to do with technology

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