Programme Structure

The Erasmus+ programme consists of two compulsory modules (1 & 2) with 6 ECTS each. Then, each student can build his or her own curriculum containing up to three modules with 6-9 ECTS each. The selection can be made out of a set of modules on microbiology, biodiversity and ecosystem management.

At the end, you can fulfill this programme with up to 30 ECTS, if you need less credit points for your home university, you can choose less than three of the selective modules.

More information on the content and learning outcomes of the modules can be found in the module handbook. 

The curriculum may be subject to change.

Programm structure

An international Programme in Germany for Erasmus+ exchange students

Module 1 – Wadden Sea introduction (compulsory)    
1st part: Wadden Sea – programme introduction at the beginning of the programme    
Excursion to the Wadden Sea Island Spiekeroog Excursion 1 ECTS
Get to know each other and the programme     
German language course Lecture 2 ECTS
2nd part: Wadden Sea – programme synopsis at the end of the programme    
Wadden Sea – Review and reflection of results Seminar 3 ECTS
Module 2 – Dynamics of the Wadden Sea world heritage site (compulsory)    
Wadden Sea – World Natural Heritage Site Lecture 1 ECTS
Wadden Sea biotopes and nature conservation Seminar 2 ECTS
Regional oceanography  Lecture 3 ECTS
Module 3 – Ecology of Marine Microbial Communities - (elective)    
Biological significance of suspended matter Lecture 3 ECTS
Microbial ecology Lecture 3 ECTS
Module 4 – Microbial Ecology of Marine Sediments - (elective)     
Sediment microbiology Lecture 3 ECTS
Microbial ecology of marine sediments Practical 6 ECTS
Module 5 – Marine Biodiversity Change - (elective)     
Functional consequences of marine biodiversity change  Seminar 3 ECTS
Functional consequences of marine biodiversity change Practical 6 ECTS
Module 6 – Functional Ecology - (elective)     
Coastal and regional biotope types Lecture 3 ECTS
Functional ecology of communities in spatiotemporally heterogeneous landscapes Seminar 3 ECTS
Module 7 – Coastal Management - (elective)     
Protected areas and regional development Seminar 3 ECTS
Integrated coastal zone management  Excursion 3 ECTS
Module 8 – Environmental Management - (elective)     
Economics and climate change Seminar 3 ECTS
International environmental governance Seminar 3 ECTS
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