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3G Rule:   OL    WHV

At the university locations in Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven, the 3G rule currently applies to all persons in all buildings and rooms, thus including all events (especially lectures and courses) regardless of the number of participants.

Please check this page for further details.

Information provided by the university regarding the coronavirus pandemic

Current announcements of the Presidential Board

Information from the Presidential Board

Dear Sir or Madam,
dear colleagues,
dear students:

The infection figures are rising at an alarming rate. You will no doubt have already heard that in view of this difficult situation the regulations have changed — in particular as a result of amendments to the Infection Protection Act and the new Lower Saxony Coronavirus Ordinance. This also determines our actions as a university.

In the last two days, the presidents of Lower Saxony's higher education institutions have once again conducted intensive discussions with the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture and the State Chancellery regarding the special requirements and concerns of these institutions. The result is that also under the new regulations of the Lower Saxony Coronavirus Ordinance, which entered into force yesterday, higher education institutions in Lower Saxony will be allowed to organize studies and teaching according to the "3G" rule until at least December 21. At the same time, however, universities are to prepare for a potential switch to "2G" rules.

Based on these results, we have adapted our university's concept of "Responsible In-Person Attendance". This will allow activities on campus to continue while at the same time protecting everyone's health. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the current rules.

The four basic rules – valid from Monday, 29.11.2021:

I. The 3G rule applies to all employees, students, guests and other persons.

Only vaccinated persons, persons who have recovered from Covid, or persons who can present proof of a negative test have access to university buildings and facilities.

Entering the buildings and facilities of the University of Oldenburg without authorization is trespass and may be reported by the university and may have legal consequences.

II. The requirement to wear a mask applies in all university buildings and facilities.

III. The distancing rules apply in all university buildings and facilities.

IV. A general requirement to avoid any formation of groups of people that prevents compliance with the distancing rules applies in all the universities' outdoor areas.

Rules for studying and teaching

As of Monday, November 29, the 3G rule will apply for teachers and students in all in-person classes, regardless of size.

Practical laboratory courses and practical courses in subjects such as sport, music, languages or medicine can continue to take place in person, in accordance with the rules of the hygiene concept. However, the current developments in the pandemic make it vital to reduce social contact. Consequently, events other than those mentioned above may also take place online.

Students can still use the 3G registration points on the Haarentor and Wechloy campuses. Vaccinated and recovered students who have already registered and are cleared for the entire semester do not need to re-register. We ask all vaccinated and recovered students who have not yet registered to do so as quickly as possible.

Students who are neither vaccinated nor recovered must ensure that they can provide an up-to-date test result if they wish to attend events on campus. In the case of Covid-19 self-tests, the test must be carried out under the supervision of university staff or staff commissioned by the university to perform this task.

The university will intensify its monitoring of compliance with 3G access restrictions.

The more stringent measures for alert levels 1 to 3 in the Coronavirus Ordinance will not apply to studying and teaching activities, and especially courses, until at least 21 December 2021.

The 3G rule for university employees

Access to the workplace is restricted to vaccinated, recovered or tested employees with immediate effect. They must be able to present proof of their status at all times. A staff member's supervisor or a person appointed by their supervisor will check compliance with the 3G rule. More details will be provided in a handout that will be published shortly.

Working from home

In the effort to minimize social contact, the option of working from home (teleworking or mobile working) should be a priority, provided the activities in question permit this and the employee can be reasonably expected to do so. The current "Service Agreement on Workplace Alternatives during the Coronavirus Crisis" ("Dienstvereinbarung zu Arbeitsplatzalternativen während des Zeitraums der Coronakrise") remains valid until 31 March 2022.

The rules described above form the basis of the hygiene and safety concept at the university. Please note that additional or adapted regulations apply in various areas. These regulations can be found on the university's central Covid-19 web pages. The FAQs listed there will be updated and supplemented in the coming days. In the event that you contract Covid-19, are identified as a contact person by the health department, or test positive in a SARS-CoV-2 antigen self-test, a notification form provided by the university can also be completed there.

We are all facing major challenges once again. We urge you to always behave in a manner that minimizes the risk of infection in all the university's buildings and facilities.

Best regards and stay healthy!

Prof. Dr. Ralph Bruder, President
Jörg Stahlmann, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Prof. Dr. Verena Pietzner, Vice President for Instruction and International Affairs
Prof. Dr. Martin Fränzle, Vice President for Research, Transfer and Digitalization
Prof. Dr. Annett Thiele, Vice President for Early Career Researcher and Equal Opportunities

Information on the start of lectures

Dear Sir or Madam,
dear colleagues,
dear students:

Next week, the lectures and courses of winter semester will begin. In order to allow for noticeably more attendance and personal exchanges on campus while effectively protecting everyone’s health, we have adopted the framework concept of “Responsible In-Person Attendance” as the basis for our university.

Based on this premise, the Schools, Institutes, Departments and individual instructors have been planning lectures and courses featuring both in-person as well as digital components over the past few weeks. As a result, more than 90 % of the room capacity available for teaching has been booked. This represents a big change compared to previous semesters and an important step towards a “new normal”.

In order to promote responsible physical presence on campus, the university has set three important ground rules:

I. A general mask mandate applies in all university buildings and rooms.

II. Social distancing must be observed in all university buildings and rooms.

III. Crowding must be avoided when distancing requirements on outdoor premises cannot be met.

These rules form the foundation of the university’s protective hygiene measures during winter semester 2021/22. Please note that supplemental or modified rules have been adopted in various areas. These can be found on the university’s central Coronavirus website and in the FAQs.

As we have all experienced, the use of 3G and 2G rules in public life has increased significantly in recent weeks. The Coronavirus regulations issued by the state of Lower Saxony, which universities are bound by, also provide for their use under certain circumstances.

As the Presidential Board, we have made a conscious decision to introduce the 3G rule in academic operations only for lectures, courses or seminars featuring more than 25 participants, as required by law. We have deliberately refrained from a stricter implementation of the 3G rule. In doing so, we have been following our principle of making our educational programmes as accessible as possible and avoiding excessive interference in everyday campus life. After thorough consideration, we have come to the conclusion that we can set a reliable standard by mandating masks and social distancing – regardless of how the future unfolds. The situation on the national stage may change many more times in the coming months: masks and social distancing help us to safely navigate through the pandemic.

Many questions related to the university’s rules are answered on the central Coronavirus website. If your questions have not yet been addressed, please contact .

We sincerely hope that we will all experience better working, teaching and study conditions this winter semester and that the pandemic will no longer dominate our daily lives as much.

Have a good start into the new semester!


Prof. Dr. Ralph Bruder

Jörg Stahlmann
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Prof. Dr. Verena Pietzner
Vice President for Instruction and International Affairs

Prof. Dr. Martin Fränzle
Vice President for Research, Transfer and Digitalization

Prof. Dr. Annett Thiele
Vice President for Early Career Researchers and Equal Opportunities

Information for students provided by the Presidential Board

3G registration points on campus

Dear students,

as a general order issued by the city of Oldenburg on 22 September 2021 determined the "newly infected persons" indicator according to section 2 para. 4 of the Lower Saxony Coronavirus Ordinance to exceed 50, protective measures as laid out in section 8 of the aforementioned Ordinance, and thus 3G regulations, now apply inside city boundaries.

The University of Oldenburg must therefore restrict access to in-person lectures, courses and seminars attended by more than 25 people to vaccinated, recovered and tested individuals. Evidence has to be checked proactively. For this purpose, we have set up 3G registration points located on the ground floor of the lecture hall centre (building A14) at Haarentor campus and on the ground floor of the experimental lecture hall (building W32) at Wechloy campus. Signs have been posted accordingly.

The registration points will be open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, beginning on 1 October, 2021. I kindly ask you to present proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test so that it can be digitally recorded. This will give you access to in-person lectures, courses and seminars featuring more than 25 participants.

In the interest of protecting public health at the university, checks will still take place outside of large lecture rooms. This will keep in-person instruction safe and running smoothly.

I hope you are off to a good start into a successful winter semester 2021/22.

Kind regards,

Jörg Stahlmann
Vice President for Administration and Finance

FAQ - questions and answers

These FAQs provide an overview of the coronavirus-related protections in place at the university. The list of questions and answers is continuously updated.