Coronavirus vaccination

Does the university offer its own coronavirus vaccination program?

Yes. The university has contracted with the Occupational Health Services to offer coronavirus vaccinations to its employees. The launch date depends on when vaccines become available to OHS. Preparations for a registration process are underway.

We will update you via email as soon as any news breaks.

Information by the Presidential Board on vaccination prioritization

Dear Sir or Madam,
dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you today that according to § 4 section 1 no. 8 of the Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance, persons working at universities are now given higher priority to be vaccinated (CoronaImpfV in the version of article 1 First Ordinance Amending the Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance of April 29, 2021 BAnz AT 30.04.2021, concerning universities: article 1 no. 3b).

The term “persons working for the university” is to be understood very broadly and includes not only employees, lecturers and student assistants, but also other people working here.

We will soon be mailing individualized employer certificates to all those eligible for vaccination under this provision for submission at the vaccination center or primary care physician.

Unfortunately, purely electronic employer certificates are not yet accepted by all immunization centers. Thus, they should be stamped and signed. All university offices and members in management positions are authorized to do so.

According to information issued by the responsible Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality, university employees will likely be able to register for vaccinations during phase 3 of priority group 3, starting on May 31, 2021. You may then make an appointment by phone at 0800 99 88 665 or online at, or by contacting your primary care physician. For updates, please check the informational websites of the state of Lower Saxony.

Occasionally, and increasingly so, notifications and advertisements from various sources imply that technical possibilities allow you to be placed on an online waiting list already. We have been receiving many questions about this matter. Although universities are not yet listed, it is possible to click “yes” on the button indicating prioritization due to one’s occupation, causing the system to accept the appointment request. According to current information on vaccination prioritization, this is an unintended flaw that carries the risk of an appointment arriving sooner than our prioritization group is called up and cleared for vaccination. As far as we know, this would lead to a rejection at the vaccination center, and the waiting period would start over. We trust you to handle the system’s opportunities and weaknesses responsibly.

Of course, the university is also in discussions with the occupational health service and is working on a workplace-based vaccination option. Since the supply of vaccine available to occupational physicians is expected to remain insufficient well beyond June, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of decentralized vaccination options for the time being.

If you have any questions, you can reach us anytime at .

We hope that many members of the university will take advantage of the opportunity to receive a vaccination.

With kind regards,

Jörg Stahlmann
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Who belongs to the group of "persons working for the university"?

In addition to employees, this group includes student assistants, lecturers and other categories of individuals who are legally affiliated with the university and actually work here.

What vaccination eligibility applies to persons working at the university?

According to § 4 section 1 no. 8 of the Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance (CoronavirusImpfV) of April 29, 2021, persons working at universities are eligible for vaccination in priority group 3. This so-called "Prio 3" is divided into three phases.

According to information issued by the responsible Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality, university employees will be able to book an appointment or be placed on a waiting list during phase 3 of priority group 3 starting on May 31, 2021. They may do so by phone at 0800 99 88 665 or online at

Are students eligible for vaccination under this provision?

Students are not covered by this provision.

Information regarding vaccinations for students completing school-based internships between Sept. 6 and October 15, 2021

The state government has decided to extend vaccination eligibility, which had initially been limited to employees in elementary and special education schools, to all types of schools. Thus, starting on May 1, 2021, staff and all other individuals employed in school operations across all school types became eligible for vaccination. This also applies to student interns in this field.

Further information can be found at

This provision currently affects students who are assigned a school-based internship between Sept. 6 and Oct. 15, 2021. After receiving their assignment information from DIZ, these students are to contact the respective school. A vaccination appointment is to be set up in consultation with the assigned school.

Please note that students may not set up any appointments directly! According to currently available information, schools have been notified of the requirement to report eligible individuals to the immunization centers. These local centers will then coordinate any further steps.

What should I do if the address listed on the employer certificate is no longer current?

Please contact so that your address can be updated in the system and the certificate can be reissued.

Please be sure to profusely thank your colleagues who are manually updating your case along with more than 200 (!) others, and vow to do better with regard to passing on important changes to your personal data. :)

Does the electronically issued employer certificate have to be stamped and signed?

The immunization centers in the city of Oldenburg as well as the counties of Oldenburg and Ammerland have agreed to accept electronic copies of the certificate without stamps or signatures. If you live in the jurisdiction of one of these centers, you  may print out and present the certificate at your vaccination appointment.

If another immunization center is responsible, you can address this issue either by contacting the center in advance or by having your certificate signed and stamped by any university office or person in management.

Who is allowed to stamp and sign the employer certificate, if necessary?

Any office and person in management may authenticate any certificate, not just those from their own organizational unit.

The reason for this is that all certificates have been generated from our human resources system and issued directly to all eligible individuals. The certificates are highly authentic and, technically, valid without any stamps and signatures. Since this has not yet become commonplace and acceptable everywhere, and delays at immunization centers are to be avoided at all costs, the university offers not just electronically issued certificates, but also easy  and decentralized access to stamps and signatures.

Lower Saxony has issued a template for employers to certify vaccination eligibility. Is our certificate sufficient?

Due to its letterhead, the identity of the eligible person and the citation of legal requirements, which are met, the university's certificate is completely adequate for verifying an individual's vaccination eligibility. In fact, by broadening the scope of "persons working at the university", it is better suited than the overly narrow wording of the state's template.

I reside in another federal state and would like to be vaccinated there, using my employer certificate from Lower Saxony. Don't I have to use the template issued by the state I want to be vaccinated in?

At the time of vaccination, you must provide evidence that you meet the requirements laid out for universities by the Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance (CoronaImpfV). The form on which this is done and the state your employer is located in should not matter.

I reside in another federal state. Do I have to be vaccinated at my place of residence or can I also have it done at my employer's location? Is there a right to choose?

In principle, immunization centers at the place of residence are responsible. However, there have been numerous cases in which both options were accepted as long as the other requirements had been met. We recommend you use the vaccination hotlines, if necessary in both of the two states in question.

Can I get on both states' waiting lists, attend the appointment that comes up sooner and cancel the other? Or can I make my decision dependent on where my vaccine of choice is offered?

There have been reports of both successful and failed attempts related to these and other approaches. Please contact the vaccination hotlines for more information on how to optimize your tactics.