Please note:

Currently, the 3G rule does NOT apply at the university (according to the general decree of the city of Oldenburg).

The 3G rule does not currently apply at the Wilhelmshaven university location either.

Events (e.g. meetings/exhibits/fairs, etc.) and rooms

Some rooms at the university are "3G relevant" - what does that mean?

The university complies with a room-specific 3G concept for lectures, courses, seminars and examinations. 3G-compatible rooms that could be used for academic events featuring more than 25 participants observing social distance requirements will be labelled accordingly.

Only vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested individuals will have access to academic events attended by more than 25 people.

Access restrictions in a 3G-relevant room may be waived if the maximum of participants throughout does not exceed 25.

How do I know which rooms are 3G restricted?

You can find the rooms on the central room list. In addition, there is a clearly visible notice posted outside each room.

Concerning events: Are they allowed to take place on campus again? Are rooms available for them?

As a rule, events may take place in university buildings, rooms and on university grounds.

When planning and organising events, the applicable legal requirements of the federal and state government as well as any restrictive provisions by the university must be taken into account and complied with throughout.

When booking university rooms and premises, priority shall continue to be given to events related to the fulfilment of core university tasks in research, teaching, studies and self-administration.

Are events related to teaching, examination and continuing education still subject to approval?

Approval is no longer required for all regular lectures, courses and seminars.

However, approval may be required for special events, e.g. those featuring a higher numbers of participants, etc., The room office will review such cases.

How is the social distance requirement for lecture halls, classrooms, meeting and conference rooms at the university implemented?

The distancing rule required by the framework concept is implemented by laying out  the rooms, i.e. their seating, as follows:

  • For rooms without fixed seating but with chairs at tables, the distancing rule "one person per table" applies. The chair must be placed at the centre of the table.
  • For rooms with movable seating, a minimum distance between seats of one metre must be observed. 
  • For rooms with fixed seating (lecture halls), only designated seats may be used. A minimum distance of one metre applies.

Clearly visible notices stating the maximum number of people permitted in the room are displayed outside all (teaching) event, meeting and conference rooms.

Once a room contains the maximum number of occupants, nobody else may enter it.

The individuals in charge of the (teaching-related) event, meeting or conference, the designated supervisors as well as the attendees are responsible for observing the required distances, using the designated seats and observing the maximum occupancy.

Do decentrally managed rooms remain in use under previously approved hygiene concepts?

This depends on whether usage aligns with the Coronavirus Ordinance or adjustments have otherwise become necessary. If this is not the case, approved hygiene concepts remain valid.