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Information regarding internships carried out outside the university

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Presidential Board's decision currently in force prohibits the completion of all study-related interships inside and outside the university until at least March 31, 2021. However, the decision provides for exceptions to this rule under certain conditions.

Procedures have been developed in cooperation with the schools and the Occupational Safety Unit to allow internships outside the university. These procedures are applicable to school internships, orientation internships, social work and company internships.

The university is responsible for protecting its students' health, even if they complete internships in companies, social services facilities or schools off campus. Therefore, it is paramount for internship sites to have adequate hygiene concepts and measures protecting the health of students working there.

To ensure this, internship sites must confirm to the university during the Corona pandemic that they are in compliance with federal and state protective orders currently in effect. For this purpose, the university provides the following form to be completed by the internship site:

Bestätigung über Rahmenbedingungen für Praktika

Confirmation of framework conditions for internships 


  • Procedure for completing a school internship:

You, as the student, do not have to take action. The Center for Teacher Education - Didactic Center (DiZ) will obtain the school's confirmations for you.
If the school cancels or you are temporarily unable to participate in the internship due to Corona, faculty have already prepared alternative options. Information on who is eligible for these options and how to apply for them can be found in this summary (link forthcoming).

  • Procedure for completing an orientation, social work or company internship:

Please download the form and have the internship site complete it before the internship begins.

The original completed form is sent to the respective internship supervisor(s). The person responsible for the internship is either the instructor who led the preparatory seminar, the institute/department's internship officer or the service office for internships.

The form remains with the internship supervisor(s) until four weeks after the end of the internship. It will then be destroyed in accordance with data protection regulations.

If there are special cases that are not covered by the options described above, please contact your instructors with a description of your case.

Regulation for protective equipment/testing during non-university internships

In case of non-university internships, the host institution is responsible for providing masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as for administering any Covid tests. The university does not cover these expenses.

Online list of participants for in-person events (academic teaching excluded)

In order to trace infection chains, it is imperative to document the presence of all persons at the university.

For this purpose, we provide an "online list of participants". In this list, you may enter all participants (more than 5 persons) in face-to-face events (academic teaching excluded). Afterwards, you can print the list and attach it to your minutes.

You can find the list here.

What measures will be taken by the university in case of a COVID-19 outbreak?

The university has established a procedure for these cases, which is explained in the document "Tracing infections". You can find it in chapter "VIII. Files available for download (in German and English)".

Guidelines for examinations

A set of „Guidelines for examinations” has been published for proctors of written exams during specials operations at the University of Oldenburg. This document is available in both German and English, and will be updated and adapted to current circumstances if necessary.

You can find the publication under "VIII. Files available for download".

Technical information about online teaching

The IT services provide several systems for web conferences that enable communication via text (chat), audio, and/or video. Additional functions for presenting, exchanging, and jointly editing files have been integrated:

  • The existing Cloud Storage service has been expanded to include the components of Talk for chat, audio, and video conferencing as well as OnlyOffice for collaborative work on texts.
  • Stud.IP now includes the web conference platform BigBlueButton: In Stud.IP virtual rooms can be created for any event and used for online teaching. The integrated web conference platform is now designed for much more extensive use by 4,000 to 5,000 participants.
  • Additional web conference platforms are available for internal and external university communication via chat, audio, and video conference:
    • allows users to record web conferences. This platform is designed for 3,000 to 4,000 participants.
    • now also offers the possibility of participating in a web conference by telephone. The number of slots available for telephones is limited to 10.
    • Students can create study groups in Stud.IP and communicate via this service. Moreover, this platform is to be used when external participants are involved.
    • is a platform for users with special security requirements. Access is granted upon application via the IT-Service-Desk. It enables users to record surveys, interviews, and long video segments needed for analysis in term papers, master's theses, etc.

In order to be able to use the various platforms for web conferences at the University of Oldenburg, a reasonably up-to-date technical end device is required (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). This device needs to have a microphone and a loudspeaker; a headset usually provides better sound quality and avoids feedback. Current versions of the Chrome or Firefox browser are required. Further information about how to use web conference platforms can be found on the websites of IT services ( and University Didactics (

If you have any questions, please contact the IT-Service-Desk (, Tel.: 798-5555, Mon - Thur: 09:00 AM - 03:30 PM, Fri: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM), preferably by e-mail.

In addition, the bandwidth of the university's connection to the DFN science network is currently being tripled, and the server infrastructure is being greatly expanded. In order to securely store data required for online teaching, personal storage space (home drive) and personal cloud storage for each member of the university has also been increased from 10GB to 100GB.

Why does the university not currently allow the use of digital communication tools offered by external providers (Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc.)?

Important criteria for the use of communication tools at the University of Oldenburg are data protection, information security, and sustainability. In addition to meeting the legal requirements for data protection and security, external tools must be integrable into the university's digital infrastructure. This requires comprehensive technical and legal checks, internal coordination, and the completion of appropriate contracts. Since DFN's well-established service has been experiencing performance problems recently, and many external providers do not sufficiently meet the above-mentioned criteria, our IT services have provided their "own" additional tools (, which can be integrated into the existing infrastructure (including UniCloud and Stud.IP) and whose security falls within the university's sphere of influence.

Please send feedback on this matter to: .


As a teacher, can I also hold consultation hours via video conference?

Yes, the BigBlueButton online conference system is available for this purpose. It is accessed via, not Stud.IP. Here, lecturers can create virtual rooms and configure them in such a way that invited students are only allowed to enter upon approval. Please select the option "Approval by moderator before room can be entered" when creating the room. The students can then attend the consultation hour in sequence – the student next in line appears on a waiting list visible to the host. In order to start the conversation, the host confirms a student’s participation with a mouse click. Please note: If you want to offer consultation hours on BigBlueButton, you should inform the participants about this procedure in advance so that waiting times can be taken into account.

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