Information for instructors

The University of Oldenburg is relying on the concept of responsible presence during winter semester. What are the implications for teaching in general?

Activities related to studying and teaching at the university should take place in person whenever possible.

However, depending on spatial capacities and specific plans drawn up by departments for individual degree programmes and courses, it may be organisationally and pedagogically appropriate that certain parts of a course of studies continue to be offered and attended online. These portions will vary individually for students depending on their semester of study, subject and course selection.

Current plans include the following:

  • Lectures, courses or seminars with a low number of participants: almost entirely in attendance
  • Lectures, courses or seminars with a medium number of participants: alternating scenarios (e.g. in laboratories or workshops) or hybrid models (e.g. tutorials for lectures: setting up of online and in-person groups)
  • Classic lectures with a large number of participants: continuation of well-established online teaching

How is the 3G rule enforced in courses with more than 25 participants?

The university checks compliance with 3G entry rules and is entitled to carry out further, active checks in 3G-restricted (teaching) events and/or in front of/inside rooms cleared for 3G.

Specifically, this means that prior to admission to 3G access-restricted events, meetings and gatherings, proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test result has to be presented. This check is carried out at the 3G registration points by individuals authorised to do so. When regular lectures, courses or seminars taking place on university premises are concerned, enforcement does not usually fall on the instructors. However, the latter may be responsible when leading excursions and similar events.