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3G Rule:   OL    WHV

At the university locations in Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven, the 3G rule currently applies to all persons in all buildings and rooms, thus including all events (especially lectures and courses) regardless of the number of participants.

Please check this page for further details.

Information for instructors

Important note

Important: Please be sure to take note of the General Rules of Conduct first, which apply to everyone! This page contains additional information specifically for instructors.

Handout on teaching and examinations during winter semester 2021/2022

The University of Oldenburg is relying on the concept of responsible in-person attendance during winter semester. What are the implications for teaching in general?

Given adherence to a hygiene concept, in-person activities related to studying and teaching may take place on campus. This applies especially to practical laboratory courses as well as practical courses in subjects such as sports, music, languages or medicine. However, current pandemic developments require a reduction in physical contacts. Therefore, academic events other than those mentioned above may well take place online.

As a rule, instructors and students are subject to the 3G rule during lectures, seminars and courses.  

According to information issued by the Ministry of Science and Culture, the more stringent measures for alert levels 1 to 3 laid out section 8 of the Lower Saxony Coronavirus Ordinance will not apply to studying and teaching-related activities, especially lectures and courses, for the time being.

How is the 3G rule enforced in lectures and courses?

The university monitors compliance with 3G entry rules via its registration points and is entitled to carry out further pro-active checks.

Specifically, this means that prior to admission to events, meetings and gatherings, proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test result has to be presented. This check is carried out at the 3G registration points by individuals authorised to do so. When regular lectures, courses or seminars taking place on university premises are concerned, enforcement does not usually fall on the instructors. However, the latter may be responsible when leading excursions and similar events.

As an instructor, how do I know whether the students in my seminar have been admitted to the seminar, i.e. whether they have been to a registration point?

The university monitors compliance with 3G access restrictions via its central registration points and is entitled to carry out further pro-active checks. Due to this process, instructors are not usually responsible for ensuring compliance and therefore, do not need information on the status of their participating students.

How is attendance at in-person lectures, courses or seminars to be documented?

During winter semester 2021/22, attendance at in-person lectures, courses or seminars must always be documented to allow for rapid contact tracing in the event of an infection.

At in-person lectures, courses or seminars, the instructors document the persons present via the event's list of participants available in Stud.IP.

Instructions: Required documentation of in-person attendance during the pandemic (issued by the Presidential Board)

Quick guide: How do I document student attendance in Stud.IP? (in German)

What applies to students who are exempt from the mask mandate?

Students who have been exempted from wearing masks for medical reasons must provide evidence of their valid 3G status when inside university buildings. The 3G status must have been recorded at a registration point.

Instructors can recognise by means of a symbol whether students who are exempt from wearing masks have properly registered for their lectures or courses.