Please note:

Currently, the 3G rule does NOT apply at the university (according to the general decree of the city of Oldenburg).

The 3G rule does not currently apply at the Wilhelmshaven university location either.

Additional information for researchers

Please be sure to take note of the General Rules of Conduct first, which apply to everyone! This page only contains the specific additional information for researchers.

The University of Oldenburg is relying on the concept of responsible in-person attendance during winter semester. What are the implications for research in general?

Depending on the space available, research-related activities may continue as before.

Can testing be made availabe for fee-based or third-party funded events (lectures, courses and seminars excluded), meetings or gatherings?

Testing for access to fee-based or third-party funded events (lectures, courses or seminars excluded), meetings or gatherings may be made available if the associated costs have been factored into the admission fee or the external funds allocated to the event, meeting or gathering.

What must be observed when working in laboratories?

Information on this can be found in the university's hygiene concept (p. 18):

Hygiene concept