Fujifilm Future Challenge 2020

Fujifilm Future Challenge 2020

Fujifilm Future Challenge 2020 - Creating own sustainable solutions.

Fujifilm, the world's largest photographic and imaging company, has a mission to improve the quality of life for people. Participants of the Fujifilm Future Challenge 2020 could contribute to this goal and learn about how to create and test sustainable business ideas in an international setting.

The Endgame of the Fujifilm Future Challenge 2020 took place online on December 10th. 11 Teams from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden presented their innovative sustainable solutions for Fujifilm which they developed over 10 weeks. The winning team won a trip to Barcelona including a visit to the Fujifilm European HQ and a meeting with the top management.

It is less well known that Fujifilm are leading innovators in the fields of bio-engineering, energy & environment, medicine and membranes. Currently, Fujifilm focusses on (1) Functional Materials, e.g. materials that can be used in the development of membranes for the generation of Hydrogen in energy storage, water purification and carbon capturing); and (2) the Healthcare Industry, e.g. diagnostic MRI or endoscopy equipment, stem cell technology, new drugs and cell and tissue culturing. Those technologies can be used in applications to treat diseases like skin burns, renew knee cartilage or even to regenerate heart cells.

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What did participants get out of it?

It was a unique opportunity for participants to work with a leading tech company and test their own ability to come up with competitive, sustainable and validated innovations while competing with like-minded students from the several countries participating in this event.

What was the challenge?

To develop new product applications for Fujifilm and test these in the market. To do this participants had unique access to technical specialists at Fujifilm and were coached on how to develop ideas, spot opportunities and test these in the market. The goal was to co-create with Fujifilm new sustainable business ideas.

What was the prize?

The best team won an all-expenses-paid trip to Barcelona including a visit to the Fujifilm European HQ and a meeting with the top management. 

Who was participating?

Students from academic and applied universities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden.

What was happening?

During 10 weeks, participants developed new business ideas using creativity and business tools. They met with and learned from the other participating teams. Throughout, Fujifilm gave them direct support and feedback. Weekly, a coach was guiding them and was monitoring their progress. Participants prepared 2 videos, 2 business model canvasses and a poster presentation. Finally, they pitched their business idea and feasibility evaluation to an expert jury. With that they helped to invent the future and bring their own solutions to big problems. 

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