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International Campus Festival

International Campus Festival on June 6 and 7, 2018

International Summer Fair + UNIfrei = International Campus Festival

On June 6 and 7, 2018, the International Campus Festival had its debut. On the open-air stage, a  mix of local bands and student music groups as well as international dance performances were on display. Short plays and summer short films were presented on the stages of the Unikum. On day 1, international stalls and culinary delights were presented in bright sunshine. The jury awarded the prizes for the best stall design (motto "integration") to "Nepal" (1st prize) and "Russia" (2nd prize). On day 2, the festival ended with an open air cinema.


Day 1

The diverse programme of the International Summer Fair awaits you on day one. International students will present their countries at different stands and through a versatile stage show.

Take this opportunity to try different culinary delights, engage in conversations about people, places and time spent abroad or just to have a good time. Families with children can look forward to the Spielefant which will be set up once again in the atrium. Finally, the day ends with the traditional mensa party organised by the student council department of the AStA.

Day 2

Day two presents you with music, theatre and film brought to you by the Campusradio Oldenburg, the university theatre OUT and the university cinema.

The Campusradio has summoned for you bands from Oldenburg and surrounding areas that will get you into a festival mood. The Unikum will showcase excerpts and short pieces from its student theatre productions on both its stages while the Gegenlicht will show short films that spread the summer feeling and finish the festival off with a movie under the stars on its open-air screen.

The International Campus Festival is brought to you by the International Student Office, the university theatre OUT, Campusradio, the university cinema Gegenlicht, and
the student council department of the General Student Committee (AStA).

Sponsors are the Presidential Chair of the university and the Culture Office of the Studentenwerk Oldenburg.

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