Trip to Bad Zwischenahn

Bad Zwischenahn is a quiet small town located about 12km west of Oldenburg. It is mainly known for the large lake "Zwischenahner Meer" and its recreational qualities. We kindly invite you to a day trip including a picnic in Bad Zwischenahn!

There are two ways to get from Oldenburg to Bad Zwischenahn, by bike or by train:

By bike

Meeting point: 12:00 (noon) at the guest house (W14) of the university, Drögen-Hasen-Weg 64, 26129 Oldenburg
Please bring your bike and check beforehand that your tyres, brakes and lights are in order. We have a small repair kit for emergencies. We also ask you to bring some water or a drink with you for the ride. We can take breaks in between, for example at the lake „Woldsee”. The bike ride is 12 km long, runs mainly through nature and takes about an hour if we ride at a leisurely pace. Christiane and Linda will accompany you with their bikes and are looking forward to a fun bike ride with you! 

If your bike still needs repair, you can visit the self-help workshop on Haarentor campus. You can also rent a bike for 1.50€/ day at the self-help workshop. However, please keep in mind that they might not have a suitable bike for your size at hand that day.

By train

Meeting point: 13:00 at Oldenburg main station (departure 13:33).
Please remember to buy a ticket or bring your semester ticket. The train ride takes 10 minutes and costs about 8€ if you do not have a semester ticket. PhD tutors Feras and Katerina will accompany you on the train and can help you buy your train ticket.

Whether you decide to go by bike or by train, we will all meet in Bad Zwischenahn at 14:00 for a picnic. Please bring something to eat and drink and a large towel or blanket to sit on, if you have one at hand. If you like, you can also bring food to share. Katerina will bring some boardgames and you will have the opportunity to look around Bad Zwischenahn and maybe enjoy some ice cream in addition to our picnic.

Registration: Please register by 19.05.2022 and let us know if you want to go by bike or by train:   

21.05.2022 12:00 – 17:00

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