Universum Bremen

In the museum ”Universum Bremen” you can experience the remarkable world of science. More than 300 exhibits with scientific phenomena are waiting to be explored upclose and with all your senses. The three areas of focus include technology, humans and nature. In the open air, there are more fascinating stations on the subects of water and wind as well as a tower of 27 metres in height with a great view over the city of Bremen.

We will travel together by train from Oldenburg to Bremen. Please remember to bring your CampusCard (semester ticket) or another valid train ticket. Our PhD tutors Feras and Katerina will be happy to help you choose the right ticket at the station.

Please book your own ticket for the museum on the museum's website. We plan to start the tour at 2 pm.

Meeting point: Oldenburg main station
Time: 12:45 (train departure: 13:06)

22.10.2022 11:45 – 17:00

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