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International Campus Oldenburg

Internationalisation Strategy

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Areas of Action

Areas of Action

The Internationalisation Strategy at the University of Oldenburg includes the following key areas:

International Campus

Embedding internationalisation across all institutes as well as implementing further measures at individual levels is seen as a priority. This includes creating and promoting a welcoming culture on campus, pursuing new marketing and communication strategies, and establishing further co-operation with overseas partners.

Study and Teaching

Promoting organised exchange programmes and thus enhancing the mobility of students is one of the key elements of the internationalisation strategy. In order to provide equal opportunities to students who are unable to study abroad, "Internationalisation at Home" ensures they will gain and exchange international and intercultural experience at their local university.

Research and Junior Researchers

Improving the presence of scientific research performed at the University of Oldenburg on a global stage is key to enhance the international competiveness. For this purpose, the University seeks to recruit more staff from other countries, including junior researchers and junior professors ("junior mobility").

University Management

Further areas of action include the University's administration: administrative procedures and services need to be adjusted to a more global, more diverse, and more outward-looking campus. The measures in question are presented in the strategy paper.

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