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Catalogue of Measures

You may click the following link to read the Catalogue of Measures 2013/2014 in German

International Campus Oldenburg

Catalogue of Measures 2013/2014

Catalogue of Measures 2013/2014

When the catalogue was set up in early 2013, varied instruments were determined, of which some played out over short periods while others are long-term in nature and will require further teams.

The first team "University Management" was set up during the winter term of 2014/15 and involves participants from all institutions on campus. First, short-term measures were implemented or prepared (→ Current status of implementation). The following overview shows a selection of issues from the catalgoue of measures that have become top priority in the further process of Internationalisation.

International Campus

› creating a welcoming culture on campus:

  • providing accommodation and support services to current and prospective international guests
  • creating a German-English glossary that is provided to and implemented by all institutions on campus

› marketing and communication:

  • creating a German-English web presence applying to all campus institutions
  • establishing international public relations work
  • promoting the University of Oldenburg as a study location with internationally recognised postgraduate and PhD programmes as well as Summer and Winter Schools

Study and Teaching

› enhancing student mobility:

  • developing new study programmes with a curriculum that reflects international discourses
  • expanding the English-speaking curricula offered at the University
  • improving the recognition process for qualifications and credit obtained in other countries
  • implementing academic transition for international students as well as students studying overseas as part of their course

› Internationalisation at Home:

  • internationalising the curriculum across all disciplines for a global outlook in learning outcomes
  • expanding the English-speaking curricula offered at the University
  • enabling students to gain intercultural values and skills (cross-cultural capabilities) to operate in diverse cultural environments by providing adequate courses of study

Research and Junior Researchers

› recruiting and employing academic staff, junior researchers,
  and junior professors from other countries ( „junior

  • internationalising the appointment management
  • developing specialised PhD programmes with international contexts
  • enhancing the mobility of PhD candidates

University Management

› adjusting services to effectively support international
  students, scientists, researchers, and staff members:

  • making forms, regulations, information, and recruitment processes available in English
  • human resources: considering multilingualism, the extent of international experience and of intercultural skills when recruiting staff and personnel
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