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Internationalisation Strategy

The road to a joint strategy

The road to a joint strategy

2011: The Faculties' Self-Evaluation Reports

In 2011, the Presidential Chair asked all faculties for a self-evaluation report on the current status of their internationalisation process in order to get an overview of the various international activities on campus.

2012: First Draft of an Internationalisation Strategy Paper

After the evaluation of the reports, the diversity of international activities on campus became apparant. The evaluation was followed by a vivid and productive exchange of ideas, aims, and suggestions on how to proceed with embedding internationalisation not only across all institutes and campus institutions but also tailored to individual requirements. In late 2012, a first draft of an internationalisation strategy paper was set up that includes the following key areas of action: international campus, study and teaching, research and junior researchers, university management.

2013: „Survey of Internationalisation“

In 2013, a site visit called "Survey of Internationalisation" was hosted at the University. Two experts of internationalisation in German higher education, Prof. Dr. Sijbolt Noorda (President of ACA, Academic Cooperation Association) and Prof. Dr. Luc Weber (Rector emeritus, University of Geneva), were invited to survey and evaluate the first draft of the strategy paper and the internationalisation process so far, as well as to consult with members of the internationalisation project group.

Both Prof. Dr. Noorda and Prof. Dr. Weber are with the HRK, the German Rectors' Conference, and provided a recommendations report based on the assessment of the faculties' self-evaluation reports and the results gained from the site visit. Their recommendations for further internationalisation were included in the Catalogue of Measures. 

2014: HRK-Audit "Internationalisation of Universities

In 2014, Oldenburg University participated in the Audit "Internationalisation of Universities" organised by the German Rector's Conference (HRK). In April 2014, a second self-evaluation report on the current status of internationalisation at Oldenburg University was prepared by all participating institutions and supervised by the International Relations Office. At two following visits, the representatives of the HRK praised the university's strong commitment to internationalisation on all levels. They also gave recommendations on the further internationalisation process. On a two-day conference in Berlin in early December 2014, Mrs. Birgit Bruns, director of the International Relations Office at Oldenburg University, received the HRK certificate for the successful completion of the audit.

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