World-wide cooperation projects across all academic disciplines have always been an integral part of the University of Oldenburg. Sustainable partnerships with institutions around the world enrich the international profile of our university with professional and personal expertise, exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas, as well as with intercultural learning and understanding. In addition to cooperation agreements, there are further academic and research partnerships between international and local scientists and researchers. To promote internationalisation, we seek to establish further international relations, student and staff exchange programmes, and projects with partner institutions. The International Office assists in the arrangement and conclusion of cooperation agreements.

Overview for students wishing to go abroad

List of cooperations

Current cooperations of the University of Oldenburg are listed in the map above as well as in the list below.

How to use the map

If you move the mouse pointer over the layer symbol in the upper right corner of the map, a filter menu opens. You can filter the universities according to contract type. Due to technical reasons, the contract types are indicated in German.

How to use the list

Use the search field to live search the list (e.g. by country, subject or partnership representative). Please note: due to technical reasons, the entries for country, school and subject are in German language. For example, if you want to see all universities from one country, you have to use the German name of the country (e.g. "Niederlande"). The names of the universities are usually written in English.

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