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Currently, entry and quarantine regulations are changing frequently.

International students

If you are an international student planning to start studying at the University of Oldenburg in the winter semester 2020/21 and need information on entry and quarantine as well as on the International Orientation Week, events etc., please register here:

International students registration

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General information for preparing your arrival (international students)

International doctoral candidates and researchers

International doctoral candidates and researchers please register at the University's guest portal to receive current information and support:

Registration for international doctoral candidates and researchers

If you have any questions and need advice, please contact

General information for preparing your arrival (doctoral candidates and researchers)

Who has to go into quarantine?

Whether a quarantine is required or not depends on the infection levels in the country of origin. To find out whether your country of origin is currently defined as a risk country, visit these pages:

German Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Homeland: Coronavirus FAQ

Robert Koch Institute identifies international risk areas (German webpage with an updated English archive at the bottom of the webpage)

The quarantine regulations are based on the Lower Saxony corona regulations:

Lower Saxony corona regulations

Currently applicable rules in Lower Saxony (as of 13/07/2020): Anyone entering the country from a risk area must report to the public health department (Gesundheitsamt) responsible for their place of residence after entry. The Gesundheitsamt determines the quarantine and provides information about the correct behaviour. You can reach the Gesundheitsamt in Oldenburg at 0441-235-4444 or write to

Corona test

In principle, anyone entering Germany from a risk area must take a Covid-19 test and submit a medical certificate to the Gesundheitsamt. The Gesundheitsamt will then decide whether quarantine is compulsory.

Anyone who can show a) a negative Covid-19 test and b) a medical cover letter is exempted from the quarantine obligation under certain conditions.

a) Covid-19 Test

Molecular biological tests (PCR tests) are currently generally accepted from all member states of the European Union as well as some other countries. The test must have been carried out within 48 hours before entry. Please check whether your test is valid:

Which corona tests are valid in Germany? (Robert Koch Institute, in German)

You can also have a test performed after your entry into Germany. This is offered free of charge at German airports. The waiting time for the result is 6-8 hours.

Link to the COVID-19 test centre at Frankfurt Airport

Within 72 hours after entry you can still have a test carried out by a general practitioner (family doctor) in Oldenburg. Your family doctor may refer you to the Corona Test Centre in Oldenburg. However, you may only visit this centre after the general practitioner has asked you to do so. This test is also free of charge for you as an immigrant.

(b) medical certificate

In order to end the quarantine early, a medical certificate confirming the absence of symptoms is required in addition to the negative Covid-19 test. This certificate can be issued in English or German by a resident doctor in the home country (48 hours before entry). The country must be recognised for testing purposes by the RKI (

Alternatively, a resident doctor in Germany can certify that the patient is free of symptoms within 72 hours of entry.

This means you can obtain all the necessary documents for avoiding quarantine in your home country. It is important that the examinations are not older than 48 hours at entry and that the country in which they were carried out is recognised (see above.). If these requirements are met, you are not subject to quarantine. Nevertheless, please contact the health office responsible for your place of residence (in Oldenburg, call 0441-235-4444 or send an email to

 All travellers from risk areas who do not have a negative Covid-19 test result and the corresponding certificate on entry must first go into quarantine and contact the health authorities immediately. The latter must agree to lift the quarantine obligation.

Onward journey from the airport to Oldenburg

You may travel from your airport of arrival to Oldenburg by public transport (e.g. by train - You must wear a mouth and nose protector (mask) on public transport. The quarantine obligation begins upon arrival at your place of residence.

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