Study Abroad Advisor (Europe) / Erasmus+ Coordinator

Christa Weers

+49(0)441 798-2438

Erasmus+ Funding

Andreas Männle

+49(0)441 798-2484

Study Abroad Advisor (Outside Europe)

Roman Behrens

+49(0)441 798-4266

Study Abroad Advisor (USA/Canada)

Tina Grummel

+49(0)441 798-2457

If you are going abroad under the Erasmus+ programme, please talk to your Erasmus or partnership coordinator before your departure to find out what courses you can attend in your destination country. You will also need to speak to the recognition matters specialist of your subject to find out whether these courses can be credited or not. If you are going to study outside Europe, please contact your recognition matters specialist of your subject before your stay abroad to clarify which courses you can get recognised for your studies in Oldenburg.

Recognition of study periods and examinations

Conversion of foreign grades into the German grading system

Leave of absence during your stay abroad

You can apply for a leave of absence for the period of your study-related stay abroad. The semester fees are reduced for a "leave of absence" semester. Whether you apply for a leave of absence is your personal decision.

Semester contribution for students on leave of absence

In addition, with the approval of the examination board, credits earned abroad can be credited to your studies. Please note that you may not attend courses or sit examinations in Oldenburg during your leave of absence.

Students' status and leave of absence

If you do not want to take a leave of absence, but only want to have the semester ticket fee refunded, you can apply for this at the AStA:

Refund of semester ticket fee (information in German)

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