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At the beginning of your stay in Oldenburg, there are some important formalities you need to take care of. The following information will help you with the first steps in this new environment abroad. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You need to register with the Welcome Center (City's Foreign Residents' Office) in Oldenburg within one week upon arrival, since it is compulsory in Germany to report your current place of residence/ address to the local authorities (resident registration). If you need to extend your visa, you may do so at the Welcome Center (City's Foreign Residents' Office) in due time. If you need to obtain a residence permit, you need to apply for it shortly after you arrived in Oldenburg.
Registration with the City, visa extension and residence permit

Depending on your citizenship and your stay, you may need a residence permit for the purpose of employment or for the purpose of research.
Residence permit employment regulations

In case you did not apply for insurance prior to your departure and arrived in Germany without health insurance coverage, you (and all family members) need to apply for it as soon as possible. You have to have valid health insurance coverage in Germany.
Health insurance

If you plan to stay in Oldenburg for a longer period of time, we recommend you open a bank account at a local bank.
How to open a bank account

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