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If you would like to call us, please send a German telephone number to welcarqgome@uol.depw and we will call you back.

At the moment, the SSC – Student Service Centre (A12) is closed to the public. Please send original documents by post or use the post box in building V01 (Poststelle), Ammerländer Heerstraße 118.

Our team of tutors for international doctoral candidates offers help and support with all general questions and about life in Oldenburg. The tutor team can be reached at phjebkgd.tuttpqvtorduzo6@uooyl.dezelhm&nbypqsp; (phf5d.tum6tor@ft1kuol.g8devypuj)


Information for (prospective) International Doctoral Candidates

While many doctoral candidates in the German academic system complete their PhD as member of doctoral (study) programs by now, a large number of them also work on their dissertation individually without being part of a structured doctoral program, which is the traditional way in Germany.

In Germany, doctoral work is in most cases financed through means of part-time employment in the research group of the supervisor or via a scholarship. If you are interested in pursuing doctoral studies in Germany, you should, thus, pay attention to advertisements for research jobs that are designed for doctoral work and for suitable scholarships (see e.g. the database of the DAAD for doctoral positions in Germany). Doctoral candidates have usually been in touch with their supervisor before applying for a PhD at German universities. Therefore, it is advisable to get in touch with a potential supervisor who is active in your field of interest at an early stage.

At which stage a doctoral candidate needs to be enrolled as a student of the University of Oldenburg slightly differs by discipline/PhD program. Enrolling at the begin of the PHD is advisable, however, also because of issues related to insurances.

Please note that doctoral theses may generally be written in German or in English at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. General information regading registration and enrollment (Annahme, Zulassung und Immatrikulation) can be found here. For information specific to the discipline or PhD program regarding the registration as a doctoral candidate, the enrollment as a doctoral student, the registration of the thesis, and regarding other details of the process, please refer to the respective doctoral regulations (Promotionsordnungen) and, if in doubt, the respective board (Promotionsausschuss).

Paths to Professorship in Germany


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