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Living in Oldenburg

Welcome to Oldenburg

With a population of more than 169,000, Oldenburg is the third largest city in the State of Lower Saxony. We hope you will feel at home during your stay. To help you do so, we provide some information on the City of Oldenburg.

Finding accommodation

Finding accommodation in Oldenburg is not that easy. It is thus very important that you start looking for accommodation as early as possible. When needed, we are happy to assist you. You may find some information on finding accommodation and on renting in Germany.

Health care and emergencies

In case of sickness or emergency in a foreign country, it is always good to know where to get medical help.

Oldenburg and surrounding areas

Do you want to discover Oldenburg and its surrounding areas? We give you tips and hints on public transport, bicycling in Oldenburg, and travelling by car.

Radio, TV, phone, and internet

Information on the television licence fee (including radio) and on (mobile) phone and internet providers.

Religion and public holidays

There are many religious communities in Germany, and many public and religious holidays that might be different to what you know from home – find out about holidays in Germany .

Good to know

Yep. Sometimes it is the little things you need to know about living in Germany, from tipping to waste separation to opening hours. All the things that are good to know.

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