Admission international students (Registrar's office)

Advice for international students (International Office)

Katja Kaboth-Larsen

+49 (0)441 798-4783

Events and networking for international students

Facebook group International Students in Oldenburg

The first important contact points for international prospective and current students include the International Office, the Admissions Office and the Study and Career Counselling Service of the University of Oldenburg.
  • Our International Office provides you with helpful information on studying and staying in Germany, as well as on finances.
  • Our Admissions Office is the go-to place for all things regarding your enrolment.
  • Our Study and Career Counselling Service provides orientation regarding your study plans, organises workshops on academic methods and helps you enter the job market.

In addition, the University offers you a comprehensive network of professional and social counselling opportunities.

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