Advisor for international students (International Office)

Katja Kaboth-Larsen

+49 (0)441 798-4783

Step 1: Study documents

If you are doing a full degree course in Oldenburg, your examinations and grades are managed by the Examinations Office. After your graduation, you will receive your degree certificate from the Examinations Office, which can be issued in English upon request.

Step 2: Ending your rental contract

Please remember to give the required notice in order to end your rental contract. Whether you live in a student residence, a shared flat, or in a private flat of your own, you may have to give notice to your landlord up to 3 months before you leave.

Step 3: Cancelling your health insurance

If you have a health insurance policy in Germany, then you will have to cancel it before you leave. You should find out how much notice is required for your particular policy.

Step 4: Cancelling your bank account

If you no longer need your German bank account, then you should close it. You can do this in person at your bank. The remaining balance will be paid out in cash.

Step 5: De-registering with the City of Oldenburg

When you finally leave Oldenburg, you will need to de-register at the City of Oldenburg's Citizens' Office.

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