Exchange coordination

Christine Trappe


Advisor for international exchange students (during their stay in Oldenburg)

Boris Pohl

+49 (0)441 798-2156

facebook group International Students in Oldenburg

Checklist for the summer semester


  • Plan your trip to Oldenburg: contact your Buddy, check out your accommodation, organise for room keys, …
  • Contact your departmental coordinator at the University of Oldenburg for course information and your Learning Agreement (if necessary), contacts see admission letter
  • Join the International Orientation week (mandatory)
  • Enrol at the University of Oldenburg (assisted)
  • Register with the City of Oldenburg (assisted)
  • Non-EU citizens: Apply for visa/residence permit (if you haven’t done so far)


  • Set up your timetable (Stud.IP)
  • Attend the first session of your chosen courses to talk to the lecturer about how to obtain your credit points (written or oral exam, essay, paper, …)
    Important: this summer semester 2020, lectures begin on 20 April 2020
  • Check our website or facebook group for daytrips and social events on a regular basis.
  • Enjoy your studies! (and Oldenburg, of course)


  • Join the examination-meeting (how to apply for exams, how to avoid plagiarism, how to obtain your Transcript of Records) for all international exchange students (mandatory)
  • Join our international summer fair
  • Plan your trip back home


  • Join our farewell meeting for all international exchange students (mandatory)
  • De-register with the City of Oldenburg and the University of Oldenburg or (if you plan to extend for a second semester): transfer the semester fee to the university’s bank account (please contact us before you do so)
  • Contact your health insurance company in Oldenburg to de-register (if applicable)
  • Contact the housing office (Studentenwerk Oldenburg) or your landlord to arrange for handing over your apartment
  • If applicable: cancel your German bank account
  • Before you leave: come to our office to get your Confirmation of Stay signed
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