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As soon as you know you are doing your doctorate in Oldenburg, you are welcome to contact us.

We offer companionship and assistance for international doctoral candidates / PhD students pre-departure and during the first months in Oldenburg, concerning:

  • Apartment-hunting
  • Local support for translation (for example with a bank, registering at the Citizen´s Office or the Ausländerbüro for the residence permit, view of an apartment/room, doctor's appointment)
  • Support with making appointments by telephone (in case of language barriers)
  • Translation or support at the university (for example online enrolment or other documents at the university)
  • Daily life in Oldenburg (for example grocery shopping at the supermarket / discounter, orientation in the city of Oldenburg / in Lower Saxony, waste separation, deposit system, biking (buying a bike, traffic rules))


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