Study group: ‘Work it out!’

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The group provides the following options:

  • information about ‘Work it out!’ programme events
  • information about other activities for preparing you for starting your career in Germany
  • exchanges with the project coordinator and other international students
  • information and material on the labour market and career preparation in Germany
  • Answers to general questions about starting your career in Germany

University Pearl of the Month November 2021

'Work it out!' programme

Duration of programme: January to December 2022

The ‘Work it out!’ programme prepares international students (both those with and without refugee backgrounds) for starting their careers in Germany.

It offers:

  • presentations
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • trips away
  • individual consultation

Certificate option:
When participating in certain activities of the ‘Work it out!’ programme in 2022, you can receive a certificate attesting to the skills you have acquired.
Further information on the certificate

Participation is free of charge.

Duration of programme: January to December 2022

Who is the ‘Work it out!’ programme aimed at?

The activities offered by the ‘Work it out!’ programme are aimed at international students with and without refugee backgrounds.

The programme prepares students for starting a job in Germany. The activities will take place partly in German, partly in English.

The programme is open to all international students in Bachelor’s degree programmes (from the 3rd semester) and all international students from any Master’s degree programme! 

Upcoming events


There are no events in the current view.

More events will follow soon.


There are no events in the current view.

Weitere Veranstaltungen folgen in Kürze.

The certificate

You will receive a certificate as evidence of the knowledge and skills you have acquired if you can demonstrate that you attended the following:

  • two compulsory elective courses of the ‘Work it out!’ programme
  • one elective course of the ‘Work it out!’ programme
  • reflection discussion in 2022

The following provides an overview of the possible compulsory and elective courses. (Coming shortly)

If you are interested in the certificate, please contact the project coordinator, Lukas Engelmeier.

Objectives and benefits

  • More awareness of your own strengths and interests and what they mean for professional life
  • Better orientation for starting your career on the German labour market
  • Skills to find a suitable job and write a successful application
  • Instilling confidence in interview and selection situations
  • Identifying potential professions and areas of activity
  • Preparation for cultural and legal aspects of the German labour market
  • Individual consultation for starting your career in Germany
  • Optional certificate demonstrating the knowledge you have gained of the German labour market

Requirements for participation

  • You must be a registered student at the University of Oldenburg and be in at least your third semester of a Bachelor's degree programme or in any semester of a Master’s degree programme
  • You must be an international student with or without a refugee background
  • You must have adequate language skills: The certificate course prepares students for starting a job in Germany. German skills are therefore required to attend some events. Some activities are also offered in English. Adequate English skills are required to take part in these.
  • You must have a reliable internet connection as the course will initially take place primarily online due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • You must show a willingness and interest in participating in the events of the ‘Work it out!’ programme with commitment and dedication.
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