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Winter Term 2006/2007

Teaching winter term 2006/2007 

Seminar "Elemente der Sprach- und Mustererkennung"

New: Some papers of interest can be downloaded here (access restricted to uni-oldenburg. de domain) 

When? Thurdays, 12-14h (exceptions below)

Where? W2-1-143 (exceptions below) 

 When?  Who?  What?
 26. Okt. 2006  Jörn Anemüller  Introduction
 9. Nov. 2006  Stephan Arlinghaus  Linear Prediction
 16. Nov. 2006  moved to 20. Nov. 2006  
  20. Nov. 2006, Monday
  time: 14-16h,
  room: W4-1-172
 Denis Extra
 Perceptual Linear Prediction
 23. Nov. 2006
 Paul Mihai
 Relative Spectra (RASTA) Processing of Speech
 30. Nov. 2006
 Jarek Puczylowski
 Neural Networks and Linear Classification
 7. Dez. 2006
 Arne Meyer
 Neural Networks and Non-Linear Classification
 14. Dez. 2006
 Udo Mittler
 Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis
 21. Dez. 2006
 Daniel Visser
 11. Jan. 2007
 Martin Klein-Hennig
 Hidden Markov Models (HMM)
 18. Jan. 2007
Vortrag entfällt!

 25. Jan. 2007
 Termin verschoben wegen Krankheit
1. Feb. 2007

Christopher Haut

Baum-Welch Learning for HMM

 8. Feb. 2007

 Jörn Anemüller
 Independent Component Analysis

Beamer presentations with latex

  • Template for presentations using the latex beamer package
  • Simple template for presentation with large fonts using latex


Most of the talks can be prepared based on chapters from:

  • E. Alpaydin: Introduction to Machine Learning, MIT Press, 2004
  • C. M. Bishop: Pattern Recognition an Machine Learning, Springer, 2006
  • R. O. Duda, P. E. Hart, D. G. Stork: Pattern Classification, 2nd Ed., Wiley, 2001

For some of the topics more specialized literature is required, which can be obtained from me.

Advanced lab course in Physics: Experiment "Statistical Signal Classification"
Advanced lab course in Physics: Digital Signal Processing

(with V. Hohmann) 

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