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7th meeting on vegetation databases

Plant - Environment - Trait Linkages

Perspectives on Functional Community Ecology Research

Oldenburg, 05 Mar - 07 Mar 2008

Preliminary programme 


14:00- 18:30   Workshops

Workshop I: trait databases: LEDA, Biopop, BiolFlor
(M. Kleyer, J. Hanspach)

              Workshop II: vegetation data bases: Turboveg, VegetWeb
(F. Jansen, S. Conrad)

(16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break)

20:00  Meeting for Dinner (Restaurant)


8:30    Welcome notes (Michael Kleyer, Jörg Ewald)

8:45    E. Garnier: Keynote

Plant trait data bases as tools in ecological research - results and current trends

9:30    M. Bernhardt-Römermann, C. Römermann and W. Schmidt

Species assemblages and vegetation development under different mowing regimes

9:50    A. Gardarin, C. Dürr and N. Colbach

Effects of seed traits on weed seedbank dynamics in response to seed depth and soil structure

10:10  D. Kazanis

Application of a species-area sampling protocol to approach functional group-environment relationships in recently burned mediterranean plant communities

10:30  Coffee break

11:00  J. Ewald

Re-calibrating shade tolerance of tree species from vegetation databanks

11:20  C. Peppler-Lisbach

Using species environmental amplitudes to predict pH from vegetation

11:40  G.W.W. Wamelink, J.Y. Frissel, R.M.A. Wegman, P.A. Slim and H.F. Van Dobben

Prediction of soil abiotics from species composition

12:00  Lunch

13:30  Poster Session

16:00  Coffee break

16:30  Meeting of the working group on meta databases of vegetation data (J. Ewald)

17:30  Meeting of the working group on meta databases of habitat models (R. Biedermann, C. Peppler-Lisbach)

20:00  Meeting for Dinner (Restaurant)


8:30    J. Schaminée: Keynote

The use of large data sets and information systems in vegetation research


<st1:time minute="15" hour="9">9:15</st1:time>     Eliás, P

Plant traits variations within and between communities

9:35    C. Römermann, M. Bernhardt-Römermann, P. Poschlod

Plant trait responses to different management regimes in grasslands- an approach combining long-term vegetation data, life-history traits and environmental conditions

9:55    J. Klimešová

CLO-PLA 3: a step forward in understanding clonal growth diversity in Central European flora

10:15    G. Baumann, A. Enders, A. Linstädter

Connecting ecological research to local information tools

Applications for a trait database of Southern Moroccan plant species

10:35 Coffee break

11:05  F. Jansen and J. Dengler

Taxonomic reference list for Germany and its application for analyses

11:25  M. Kleikamp

Vegetation data as a special case of ecological observation modelling

11:45  H. Bruelheide and U. Jandt

The new Biodiversity Exploratory Vegetation Database Initiative

12:05  Report of the working group on meta databases of vegetation data

12:20  Report of the working group on meta databases of habitat models

12:35  Final discussion

13:00  End

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