Prof. Dr. Michael Kleyer

Landscape Ecology Group
Institute of Biology and Environmental Sciences
University of Oldenburg

Carl von Ossietzky Str. 9-11
D-26129 Oldenburg

D-26111 Oldenburg

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Andrea Schleicher



Landscape Ecology Group
Room W2-2-234
Department of Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg

Tel. ++ 49 (0)441 798 3954
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Research interests

My current research is on the persistence of plants in severly fragmented and highly dynamic habitats as part of ASSEMBLE, an ESF project which seeks to understand the assembly of plant communities on the base of their functional attributes.

I am equally interested in the relationship of functional and species diversity with ecosystem services against the framework of land use and global change. My diploma thesis focused on the effects of avalanche frequency and snow melting time on the distribution of plant growth forms and I am still very interested in the study of alpine ecosystems.

Publications, talks, etc.

Schleicher, A., Kleyer, M., Biedermann, R. (subm.): Seed number and terminal velocity determine plant response to habitat connectivity in an urban landscape.

Schleicher, A., Kleyer, M. & Biedermann, R.: Functional traits and plant response to habitat isolation. 52nd Annual Symposium of IAVS (International Association for Vegetation Science), 30.05.-04.06.2009, Crete, Greece.

Schleicher, A., Kleyer, M., Biedermann, R. (2008): The functional traits that drive anemochorous species response to habitat isolation. Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ökologie 38, 354.

Schleicher, A., Kleyer, M. & Biedermann, R.: The functional traits that drive anemochorous species´ response to habitat isolation. 38. Jahrestagung der GfÖ (Gesellschaft für Ökologie), 15.-19.09.2008, Leipzig.

Schleicher, A. & Kleyer, M.: Räumlich explizite Habitatmodelle von Trockenrasen- und Ruderalarten in Bremen. 4. Jahrestagung der AG Trockenrasen & 2. Workshop "Floristik und Geobotanik - Beiträge zu angewandten Fragestellungen": Wiederherstellung und spontane Ansiedlung von Trocken- und Halbtrockenrasen in ursprünglichen und urban-industriellen Lebensräumen, 06.-08.09.2007, Freising.

Schleicher, A., Königer, J., Mosandl, R. (2007): Waldweide differenziert beurteilen. LWF aktuell 58, 32-34.

Königer, J., Schleicher, A., Mosandl, R. (2005): Die Waldweide im Bergwald des nördlichen Alpenraums: Interessenkonflikte, wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse und Konfliktlösungsansätze. Jahrbuch des Vereins zum Schutz der Bergwelt. 2-26.


Since 2006

PhD-thesis within the research project ASSEMBLE, University of Oldenburg, Landscape Ecology Group, Germany:

Spatiotemporally explicit incidence analysis of plant functional groups in meta-communities

September - December 2005

Scientific assistance in the research project GLOWA Jordan, Amman, Jordan

February – August 2005

Vegetation and Wildlife Monitoring at the Federal Institute for Snow- and Avalanche Research (SLF), Davos, Switzerland

1999 – 2005

Diploma degree in Landscape Architecture and Environment Planning, TU Munich

Main subjects: Forest Sciences and Wildlife- and Protected Area Management


Diploma thesis:

“Interactions of time of snow melt, avalanches and vegetation in an avalanche starting zone of the upper subalpine zone”

Supervision: Prof. Dr. J. Pfadenhauer, Vegetation Ecology Group, TU Munich; Dr. Sonja Wipf (SLF, Davos, Switzerland)


Field assistance at Schiermonnikoog, University of Groningen, Community and Conservation Ecology Group, The Netherlands


Forest inventory, vegetation and wildlife monitoring at the Department of Water Affairs & Forestry, Knysna, South Africa

1998 - 1999

Assistant at the „Landschaftspflegeverband Passau e.V.“, Germany

Management and survey of district biotopes

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