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Miguel Angel Cebrián Piqueras

Miguel Angel Cebrián Piqueras


Landscape Ecology Group
Room W2 2-229
Department of Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg

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 Miguel Angel Cebrián Piqueras is a member of the project COMTESS.

Research topics:

Landscape and vegetation ecology

Plant traits responses to environment and effects in ecosystem properties and services

Socio-ecological systems in traditional cultural landscapes and urban ecosystems

People perception about ecosystem services and human well-being

CV (Highlights)

2011-Ongoing. Position: Scientific assistant. PhD thesis in landscape ecology. Institution: Landscape ecology group. Oldenburg University (Germany). Topic: “Costal vegetation responses to environment and effects in ecosystem properties and services”.

2009-2011. Position: Landscape ecologist and environmental planner. Institution: Ecomimesis; Location: Almeria (South-east Spain). Topics: Biodiversity conservation and landscape ecology, environmental planning, environmental awareness, regional and urban sustainability, projects management and fund raising, environmental cartography.

2009. Position: Plant ecologist. Institution: Berlin Botanical Garden. Topics: Seed bank for regional endangered plants (Brandenburg and Berlin).

2007-2008. Position: Landscape ecologist and environmental planner. Institution: ADIMAN (NGO) regional rural development agency; Location: Cuenca (Spain). Topics: Biodiversity conservation, environmental planning, environmental awareness, local sustainability, participatory processes, international cooperation, projects management and fund raising.

2007-2009. MSc in Conservation biology. Institute: Aarhus University (Denmark) and Helsinki University (Finland). Jens Olesen group (Aarhus) and Metapopulation Researsch Group (Ilka Hanski). Thesis topic: Plant-animals interactions in tropical cloud forest (Costa Rica).

2006. Position: Landscape ecologist. Institution: Elche University (Spain). Topics: Endangered species monitoring, cartography and reports.

2005-2006. Diploma thesis. Location: University of Helsinki. Topic: Helsinki urban green areas ecology.

2004-2007. Ecologist and environmentalist. Location: Natural Park Clot de Galvany. Elche (Spain). Topics: Monitoring flora and fauna. Biodiversity conservation awareness programs.

1998-2005. Environmental Sciences Diploma (BSc and MSc). Location: Elche University (Spain).

Conference talks:

2014: Topic:   ”Ecosystem services provision in costal grasslands(Click to see video) Location:  Southampton. NRG conference.

2013: Topic: “Stakeholder perception about ecosystem services in costal marshes“    Location: Gfö conference in Potsdam.

2012. Topic: “Trade-offs between ecosystem services “Location: Workshop Cozumel Island (Mexico). Abstract and presentation.

List of publications:

Peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts:

·         Accepted 2016. In press.

Lewandowska, A., Biermann ...Cebrián-Piqueras M.A ... Hilllebrand H. Accepted 2016.  The influence of balanced and imbalanced resource supply on biodiversity-functioning relationship across ecosystems. Phil. Trans.

Minden V; Scherber C. Cebrián Piqueras M.A. et al. Submitted. Consistent drivers of plant biodiversity across managed ecosystems. Phil. Trans.

·         Submitted 2016

Cebrián Piqueras M.A et al.  Ecological drivers for ecosystem services provision in temperate coastal marshes. Agriculture, environment and ecosystems

·         In progress:

Cebrián Piqueras M.A. et al.  In progress. Coupling stakeholder perception about ecosystem services and underlying ecosystem properties.

Cebrián Piqueras M.A et al. In progress. Vegetation mediated ecosystem services are explained by functional traits.

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