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Mira Kattwinkel

Mira Kattwinkel


Landscape Ecology Group
Room W2-2-234
Department of Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg

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Mira Kattwinkel is a member of the Project TEMPO.

Short CV     


 since 2005

PhD student, landscape ecology group; Carl v. Ossietzky University 


Degree in geoecology (Diplom in Geoökologie), TU Braunschweig

major subjects

agroecology, environmental informatics, geochemistry, ecological

 diploma thesis

Estimating phosphorus export to surface waters: Data series analysis, export coefficient and AnnAGNPS modelling for the River Swale catchment. In cooperation with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Edinburgh, UK

Current Project 

The TEMPO project deals with biodiversity of urban brownfields (derelict land). I developed species distribution models for plant and insect species based on field data. To analyse the effects of the spatio-temporal landscape configuration on species occurrence and to find optimal management scenarios I built a landscape model, which projects the regression models to the landscape scale. Furthermore, I am working on a metapopulation model to explore the impact of landscape dynamics and age dependent habitat quality on metapopulation persistence.

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