Celia Grande

Celia Grande

Landscape Ecology Group
Room W2 2-250
Department of Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg


Celia Grande is a member of the project COMTESS.

Research topics

I am interested in interactions between birds and their habitats in coastal landscapes. In my PhD project within the COMTESS project, I investigate the cause and effect framework of abiotic and biotic drivers and threatened breeding bird communities at the German coast. I study habitat preferences of meadow bird communities and the effect of land use change on their breeding habitat and food supply. Another topic of interest is the effect of grazing by wintering arctic geese in Northwestern Germany on agricultural grasslands and their foraging site choice.

I am currently working in a research project on two harrier species in a wind farm, focusing on habitat use and flight height of Marsh and Montagu’s harriers. By deploying GPS loggers (UvA-BiTS), I hope to learn more about flight behaviour and collision risk and to improve our knowledge on how to mitigate conflicts between raptor conservation and wind energy development.
This project is funded by the Infrastrukturgesellschaft Groteland GmbH.

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