Prof. Dr. Claus Möbus

Room: A02 2-226

Tel: +49 441 / 798-2900 



Manuela Wüstefeld

Room: A02 2-228

Tel: +49 441 / 798-4520 



Course Offering

We offer two seminars "Probabilistic Modeling I (Inf 533) / II (534)"

Seminar Probabilistic Modeling I (Inf 533) / II (Inf 534)

The seminar consists of two parts, which take place in the winter semester (Part I) and in the summer semester (Part II).
In Part I we will deal with the state-of-the-art (SoA) in probabilistic modeling using probabilistic programming languages (as an example the DSL WebPPL) in cognition (perception, problem solving, evaluation, decision making) and behavioral control of predominantly natural agents.
Part II deals with probabilistic modeling in technical, epidemiological and ecological contexts.We will also consider the SoA in the development of new probabilistic modeling languages (e.g. PyRo, TURING, Greta, PyMC3).
This division of the contents adapts to the students' previous knowledge and wishes.
The successful participation in both seminars can be combined in such a way that it corresponds to a lecture module.



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