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The event takes place in cooperation with Faculty V.
Contact persons:

Dr. Ingrid Ahrenholtz (Faculty V)

+49 441 798-3603

Academic writing workshop for natural sciences, mathematics and technology students

Do you ever feel that you’d like to talk to somebody about what you’ve just written? Maybe you’d like to discuss whether your own series of experiments and their results and evaluation are presented in a comprehensible manner so that other researchers could reproduce them. Where better than in a group of like-minded people?

You can discuss your current writing projects and give and receive specific feedback in the writing group. You can talk about whether extracts from your texts are clear, consistent and objective. However, you’ll spend the majority of the meetings continuing to write collaboratively on your respective writing projects. In the process, you’ll find that writing with other people can not only be fun and generate new ideas, but it’s also effective and constructive. The group meetings are structured, with time allocation (initial phase, writing time, final phase) and moderation fixed, so that everyone comes away from them with something.

You’ll work independently in the writing group within this predetermined framework. A student writing tutor will guide you and give you feedback as required, i.e. they’ll be available for questions about the central theme or academic language in your work. Please observe the general requirements and procedure of the academic writing group!


Please register via Stud.IP > Interdisciplinary teaching facilities > Course no.

Who can participate?

​​​​​​​Natural sciences students studying for a Bachelor or Master’s degree and currently working on a written project, be it a lab report, internship report or thesis.

Please observe the general requirements and procedure of the academic writing group!

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