Learning Workshops of the ZSKB

Academic writing groups for social sciences and humanities students

Do you ever feel that you’d like to talk to somebody about what you’ve just written? You’d like to spontaneously ask someone whether your phrasing sounds academic, whether it’s possible to recognise the common thread in your writing or whether a citation is correct. Where better than in a group of like-minded people?

The Learning Workshop offers a guided writing group to help you acquire academic writing skills. In the writing group, you can discuss your current writing projects with others, writing together, but everyone with their own work in mind. You can talk about your writing ideas, the structure of your work or your writing style or simply experiment and try out writing exercises. You’ll find that writing together and sharing ideas about writing processes is fun and above all effective and constructive. We’ve devised an internal structure in terms of time allocation and feedback rules so that everyone gets something out of the group meetings.

You’ll work independently in the writing group within this predetermined framework. The Learning Workshop will guide you and give you tips or information on academic writing as needed. A student writing tutor is at your disposal for a certain amount of time at every meeting so that you have the opportunity to talk one-on-one about your work.

How to sign up?

Please log out of Stud.IP before visiting the link or search for the event directly in Stud.IP.

Who can participate?

Social sciences and humanities students who already have experience of writing academic texts, be it a term paper, report or the like. Please note that you can only attend the writing group for a maximum of two semesters.

Please observe the general requirements and procedure of the academic writing group!

(Changed: 13 Oct 2022)