Learning Workshops of the Study and Career Counselling Service (ZSKB)



Workshops for students of Natural Sciences

Contact person: Dr. Astrid Behrends, Head of Department Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Medicine

Learning Workshops of the ZSKB goes BIS

Contact person: Katharina Lück, M.A., Head of Central Information

Endspurt – das Studium beenden (German)

Contact persons for long-term students (a.o. Anke Görres, M.A., Learning Workshops of the ZSKB) 


Faculty I

Department of Educational Sciences (German)
Modul päd010 Grundlagen der Pädagogik  Einführung in ein universitäres Studium und Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens 

Contact person: Dr. Jan Braun

Faculty III

Bachelor area of specialisation

Contact person: Nicole Griese, M.A., study and teaching coordinator

Faculty IV

Institute of Theology and Religious Education
Mentoring programme

Faculty V

Academic writing group for students of Natural Sciences

Contact person: Dr. Ingrid Ahrenholtz, coordination of long-term student programme / programme "Studienstart - alles klar?

Faculty VI

Voluntary Scientific Year (FWJ)

Contact person: Nadine Brandt, M.A.

Graduate School for the Social Sciences and the Humanities (3GO)

Writing support - doctoral students accompany students of the faculties I - IV with their seminar papers and final projects

Contact persons for doctoral students: Rea Kodalle & Robert Mitschke, administration office / coordination

Contact person for students: Dr. Maxi Berger, Learning Workshops of the ZSKB

Higher education didactics

Contact person: Carola Schirmer, higher education didactics and e-didactics, Academic Study and Teaching Unit (project FLiF+)

Orientation Year

Contact person: Katrin Freese, M.A., coordination orientation year, Academic Study and Teaching Unit

Contact person: Anke Görres, M.A., lecturer for orientation year, Learning Workshops of the ZSKB

Language Centre (Faculty III)

Contact person: Clara Liehmann, language learning and acquisition in the orientation year


Contact person: Elfe Stauch, coordination Uni-Lotsen

(Changed: 19 Dec 2022)