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DAAD Project Internationalising Teacher Education

Lesson Studies and virtual internship abroad

In May and September two international workshops on lesson studies (classroom observation, analysis and planning) took place online. The lesson studies were offered to students from the University of Oldenburg, Nelson Mandela University (South Africa) and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands). 

As a virtual school intern you will be able to get a glimpse of classrooms in South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands. The lesson studies will provide an opportunity to discuss key issues of teaching (planning and delivery of lessons, cultural similarities und differences) and illuminate the respective school systems together with students and faculty from the partner universities.

Who is involved?

Dr. Heloise Sathorar (NMU)

Dr. Heloise Sathorar is the Head of Department for Secondary School Education (PGCE and BEd SP & FET) in the Faculty of Education at the Nelson Mandela University. Her research interest includes critical pedagogy, teacher education, higher education and critical community engagement. She has also done research in Accounting Education, and Entrepreneurship Education. Her most recent work is: Decolonizing the colonized mindset: Reflecting on lecturer dispositions to decolonize teacher education (JOE).

Prof. Dr. Till-Sebastian Idel (UOL)

Professor for School Pedagogy and General Didactics

School of Educational and Social Sciences, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Oldenburg

The focus of my empirical research is on practices of teaching, school and classroom change in development processes in context with changing educational policies and especially in progressive schools, and the embedded professionalization of teachers. My research is based in theories of practice and theories of subjectivation. I’m using methods of qualitative research.

Dr. Alex van den Berg (RUG)

Alex van den Berg is a teacher educator for Chemistry at the University of Groningen. He is also a secondary school teacher in Groningen and works for a consortium of schools on the theme of ‘active learning’. He coordinates a group of teachers who are doing evidence informed research in their schools.

Katharina Kaschel (UOL)

Katharina Kaschel, Assistant to Study and Teaching Coordinator, Geschäftsstelle des Zentrums für Lehrkräftebildung - Didaktisches Zentrum (Centre for Teacher Education), University of Oldenburg, Germany

Tina Grummel (UOL)

Tina Grummel, Project coordinator, University of Oldenburg, Germany

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