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Working Paper (dghd)

Working Paper Series (dghd)

The Working Paper Series is the result of work of the Standing Group on Research-based/Research-oriented Learning (AG Forschendes Lernen) founded within the dghd (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik – German Association for Educational and Academic Staff Development in Higher Education). The Working Paper Series is an online publication by the University of Oldenburg and is geared towards everyone interested in learning through research. The series publishes research papers as well as practice-based studies about learning through research. Authors who wish to submit papers do not have to be members either of the dghd or the Standing Group to have their papers considered for publication. Submissions are welcome in both German and English. All submissions undergo a double blind peer review process. The series has ISSN and URN numbers assigned by the German National Library. Submissions are welcome at all times (there is no fixed deadline).

  • Information for authors (in German only)
  • Information for reviewers (in German only)
  • How to anonymise documents (in German only)
  • Information in English about the Working Papers of the dghd's Standing Group on Research-based/Research-oriented Learning

Editor and Contact Person: Dr. Janina Thiem ()

Publisher: Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

ISSN (online): 2567-6857

Published in the series:

  • Voigt, Anja, Schulz-Budick, Dorothée (2020). Schreiben durch Forschendes Lernen – ein Booksprint für Studierende. Working Paper No. 6, 2020. (PDF)
  • Wolter, Hendrik, Gmeiner, Nina, Rohe, Sebastian & Tschersich, Julia (2020). „Wie, wir lesen?“ Leseseminare als Bausteine forschenden Lernens in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Working Paper No. 5, 2020. (PDF, 0.99MB)
  • Dinter, Joachim (2019), Rahmenbedingungen Forschenden Lernens an Partnerhochschulen des Verbundprojekts ForschenLernen, Working Paper Nr. 4, 2019. (PDF, 730KB)
  • Riewerts, Kerrin, Rubel, Katrin, Saunders, Constanze, Wimmelmann, Susanne (2018), Reflexion im Forschenden Lernen anregen – Ein Leitfaden für Selbststudium und Weiterbildung, Working Paper Nr. 3, 2018. (PDF, 500KB)
  • Friedrich, Anja & Pucker, Boas (2018), Peer review as a teaching method, Working Paper Nr. 2, 2018. (PDF, 700KB)
  • Saunders, Constanze (2017), Research Based Learning in Teacher Education at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Working Paper Nr. 1, 2017. (PDF, 700KB)


Wolfgang Deicke*
Humboldt University Berlin

Dr. Susanne Haberstroh
Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Dr. Kerrin Riewerts*
University Bielefeld

Dr. Janina Thiem
Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Susanne Wimmelmann*
The University of Göttingen


*Speakers of the Standing Group (dghd)

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